Things You Should and Should Never Buy With Crypto

Cryptocurrency has become one of the prime investment methods for many traders across the world. It is natural that investors owning digital assets now want to make daily transactions with the cryptocurrencies they already own. Making exchanges within the platform of the digital currency is perfectly normal but people are now using them as the primary mode of payment for many products and services.

In this article, we will be covering all the things that are now easy to acquire with crypto. We will also include things that should not be bought with crypto no matter how enticed you are with the new means of payment.

Things You Should Buy With Crypto

1. Food


There are many establishments that now offer cryptocurrency (and more specifically, BTC) as a mode payment for food items. Many food establishments are selling burgers and beers, essentially everything that you can use to get a good meal for the right price with a specific cryptocurrency. When it comes to using BTC, you need to know everything which is easy to find on Solu.

While this facility is limited to only certain restaurants and bars for now, it is likely to be adopted by others soon. One reason for this change is the institutional investment in cryptocurrencies. With the involvement of big companies in the community of a particular digital currency, the price volatility is reduced significantly which makes it a worthwhile choice for many vendors looking to provide services.

2. Cars


Believe it or not, you can now buy cars with cryptocurrencies. Not all dealerships, but many of them are offering to take payment in cryptocurrency for a new vehicle. The decentralized feature of digital currency makes it a great method of payment. The delays are reduced with the help of a good transaction speed which would not have been possible had such a large amount been exchanging hands under a centralized regulatory body.

Peer to peer transactions are the biggest benefit of engaging in a transaction involving cryptocurrencies. It is safe and secure as long as one knows the exact details of the receiver and is communicating with the dealer every step of the way. One also needs to understand that there will be certain terms and conditions coming into play when the mode of payment is a digital currency.

Talking to the dealer is essential to adjust expectations and understand how the price volatility of a certain cryptocurrency will influence the price agreed upon. Effective communication channels need to be established beforehand in order to get a good deal. And under no circumstances share your password with the dealer.

3. Real Estate


Yes, you can now buy real estate with cryptocurrency. It is easy to do so with certain geographical locations. Moreover, it is more prevalent among certain real estate websites. Locations in Australia or popular tourist destinations are available to the bought her the help of cryptocurrency.

However, one needs to understand that this comes with an exception as only residential properties can be bought with digital currency. Millions of dollars’ worth of property has been sold so far with cryptocurrency as the mode of payment. One can buy a mansion of 6 to 8 bedrooms easily if they have enough digital assets to use as payment.

4. Jewelry


Major cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin are gaining momentum because a lot of investors have made the community extremely strong. One can now easily buy jewelry with the help of Bitcoin as many store owners recognize the monetary value of cryptocurrency and have the foresight of collecting digital assets.

Many luxury service providers that sell jewelry and expensive watches are now taking crypto as payment. Many mainstream brands now allow customers to pay them with some select cryptocurrencies. Not all cryptocurrencies are welcome because there are hundreds of options and not all of them have a stable market presence.

Things You Should Not Buy With Crypto


Just because you can use cryptocurrency as cash, does not mean you should. There should be some limitations to your transactions that involve BTC or altcoins. There are significant benefits for anyone who does not have a bank account and wants the transaction to be done immediately. But it is not the best in your financial interest.

If we make a generalization, one should refrain from using cryptocurrency for buying anything. This would include the things mentioned above including other services that accept Bitcoins or altcoins as payment. Cryptocurrencies are highly volatile so something you paid today might not cost as much tomorrow. This gives a high level of insecurity to the entire business of using crypto for daily transactions.

Additionally, there are limitations to be considered. Many establishments that might seem progressive for accepting cryptocurrencies have limited this offer to BTC. This is the absolute worst type of currency you should be using for making online payments. It is the most stable currency and suffers from low volatility. However, it’s highly valued and is expected to rise in value.

So, paying bitcoin might be a loss for you and a profit for the establishment. You do not want to part with a digital asset which might peak the next day so making such a decision will only prove to be regretful. If all your savings are into crypto then this decision might make sense. Other than that, try to go with fiat currency whenever possible. It is in your best interests as an investor.

The Takeaway

In this article, we have brought to your notice all the things you can now buy with crypto. But at the same time, there is some caution advised while using crypto extensively for your transactions .

You might end up losing more than you gain which would just suck the joy out of your new purchase. The transaction is surely more convenient than other methods but it might not be good for you from an investment point of view. Some assets (like crypto) are worth keeping by yourself.

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