Amenities To Consider When Searching For Steiner Ranch Homes For Sale

Are you considering moving to Steiner Ranch, TX? This community located in Travis County is a safe and amenity-laden area that is ideal for young families, older couples, and young professionals to look to move to when they want to relocate to a warm and sunny climate!

Steiner Ranch, TX is located in the southeastern portion of the state of Texas, located near Austin – the state capital – and is a 20 minutes’ drive from the downtown city center. With a population of around 16,000 people as of 2018, many people flock here to enjoy the good school systems, outdoor recreational opportunities, and good weather all year round.

But what should you consider when you are looking at Steiner Ranch homes for sale for your next big move? What are the features and amenities that you should take into account? Before you put money down on a house in this affluent community, you need to consider some charities and criteria that can influence your decision.

Before you can choose the best homes for sale for your next move, there are various factors to consider first. After all, this is going to be a long-lasting decision that can affect the rest of your life. Make sure you do enough research and planning beforehand to make the best choice when it comes to finding an apartment, house, or land for your next housing move. If you need more information, you can click here to find Steiner Ranch homes for sales.

Average School Ratings

  • Steiner Ranch is part of the Leaner Independent School District, containing the Steiner Ranch Elementary, Laura Welch Bush Elementary, and the River Ridge Elementary school.
  • The Canyon Ridge Middle and the Vandegrift High school are the options for older children living in the area.
  • The Laura Welch Bush earned 80th out of 4,554 elementary schools in the state and contains a student:teacher ratio of 15. The test score average here was a very impressive 98.21, and the school ranks 2 out of 26 in the district.
  • The River Ridge Elementary School ranks better than 98% of schools in the state, coming in at 74 out of 4,554 Elementary schools in the state, and contains a student:teacher ratio of 14.8 to 1. The average test scores at this elementary school come in at 98.4 and it ranks first among all 26 schools in the district!
  • This place has an elementary school that does well in the rankings compared to other schools in the state and the country. The Steiner Ranch Elementary school ranks better than 90% of elementary schools in the entire state of Texas! It ranks 503rd out of 4,554 elementary schools and contains a student:teacher ratio of 15. The number of students fluctuates between 560 and 580, with the majority of students being Caucasian (60%), followed by small Hispanic (20%) and Asian (9.2%) populations. It ranks 6th out of 26 schools in the district, with the average standard score earning a standout 87 points.
  • The Canyon Ridge Middle school in the Leander School District earned 63 out of 2,211 middle schools, with the student:teacher ratio 18.8 and the number of students coming in at just over 1,200. The performance of the facility is ranked 95% better than other middle schools in the state and is ranked 2 out of 8 middle schools in the district.
  • The Vandegrift High School in Austin ranks 146 out of 1,861 high schools in Texas, with the student:teacher ratio coming in at 17.2 to 1. This high school ranks better than just over 92% of its counterparts in the state and ranks first out of 7 high schools in the district.

Local crime statistics

  • When taking all of Austin, TX into account, the suburb of Steiner Ranch is safer than the inner city of Austin, TX. The city as a whole is 7% safer than other US Cities, with the crime rate per 1000 residents coming to just 4 for violent crimes, 38 for petty crimes, and 42 out of 1,000 for total crimes. There is a 1 in 245 chance of you being the victim of a violent crime in Austin compared to 1 in 239 people in the state of Texas as a whole.


  • The home styles that are located within this place vary depending on the neighborhood and location, with there being some larger estates and smaller acreage homes.

Future development

  • There is a master-planned community that contains over 4,500 acres and is ideal for those who have the extra money and time to enjoy the outdoor amenities!
  • There is also a 1500-acre wildlife community that contains animal habitats, open spaces, green parks, and hiking trails, and walking trails for the nearby residents.
  • It is dedicated to preserving wildlife and avoiding building houses and communities in protected areas that contain special wildlife and animals.
  • There is an 820-acre Steiner Ranch Preserve that can be easily accessed from most neighborhoods. The hiking and walking trails in this Preserve can intertwine with the expansive Balcones Canyonland Preserve that spans over 25K acres!
  • There are over 20 miles of hiking trails and dozens of neighborhood parks that make it ideal for having a picnic, walking, exercising, playing ball games, and barbecuing on summer days.
  • The Lake Club is a great way to cool down during the hot and humid summer days.
  • There is an 18-hole golf course at the University of Texas that is home to the public and the local University golf teams.


Are you looking for Steiner Ranch homes for sale? If so, then you need to consider where you should look, the safety of the neighborhoods, the school system, the acreage of the houses, and aunties to consider before buying a house. Consider finding a house that is located in safe neighborhoods with a good school system so you can enjoy the benefits of suburban living while still being close to the downtown center city of Austin, TX – a vibrant, bustling, and eccentric urban community that is filled with life and vibrance!

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