Seven Things to Know before You Start a Screen-Printing Business

The screen-printing business is only some people’s cup of tea. It is like a roller coaster ride with several ups and downs. When it is fast, it is scary, but when it is slow – be patient, as it is associated with growth. This business comes with a variety of positives and negatives. Also, the requirement to own this business is enormous. For instance, you will require labor, time, money, effort, mind, and supplies for this. And not to forget there has to be thorough research, or else your plan might fail badly.

Entrepreneurs, artists, and community builders generally hold the screen-printing business. Screen-printing can be done on clothes, paper, metal, wood, or other surfaces. It is a small-scale business that prints anything from tiny flowers to colossal art. You must exercise caution while launching this specific business since any missteps might cost you a lot of money. Therefore, it is crucial to have the appropriate business plan in place for good execution and minimum errors. Other than this, there are a few additional factors that you must consider when starting up a screen-printing business.

Things To Know When Starting A Screen-Printing Business

  • Figure Out The Suppliers: The end product is incomplete without raw materials. Similarly, this business requires a lot of screen-printing supplies and equipment such as an extender, pigments, adhesive, wood frame, blockout, squeegee, screen, metal frame, colors, and so on. Looking for suppliers that will get you top-notch quality products at affordable rates is essential. High-quality supplies are necessary to get an excellent result in the end.
  • Get Customers For Your Brand: Once the fundamentals of the screen printing company are in order, it’s time to find some clients to help it grow. It is vital because clients will approach the company in a specific way. More people in the store means more potential for sales. You would frequently prefer to have a significant amount of foot activity in your business than none.

For this, you may hold an official launch for your brand, distribute flyers and posters, encourage word-of-mouth, hold events, and—most importantly—choose business hours that are convenient for your clients.

  • Formulate A Marketing Strategy: Perhaps you have seen countless websites, blogs, commercials, and promos. But do you understand its intended use? These marketing campaigns succeed in attracting the audience’s attention. Learn about the audience you are aiming to reach first. Then, using such information, create a marketing plan. Since marketing is difficult, you may even employ an expert to help you.
    First and foremost, make your website appear more authentic. Focus on email or SMS marketing; get it published in the press; utilize Tik Tok and Instagram; and have various influencers promote your brand there. Keep in mind that setting aside money for marketing is essential because the bulk of your business depends on the marketing you conduct.
  • Determine Your Operating Cost: Operating cost is the key to a smooth-running business. As screen printing requires a lot of products, it is necessary to calculate your operating cost, which includes the labor charges, cost of supplies, equipment used, and electricity. The total of these will give an operating expense.

Do you know how operating costs will be beneficial? Based on the cost price, you can keep deciding on a reasonable profit. It could be anything of your choice. Adding both will give you the selling price. Just ensure that your expenses are minimal without any compromise in quality – only then will you be able to create maximum profit.

  • Consider Customer’s Need: This point is closely related to pricing. As said above, you need to know the selling price of the product to generate profit. The selling price or pricing is the cost of printing you would take from your customers. Too high pricing can cause lose sales, whereas too low pricing will not create much value and considerably less profit. Hence, research and then determine a price that you think can barge more customers to your business.
  • Skilled Labor: While starting or having just started your screen printing business, you must begin to fetch labor who can do the printing work. A new set-up should have at least one person who can undertake the printing task while the entrepreneur is busy in sales. You may get many people who are in for doing this job – but remember, you cannot employ just anyone! The employer must be skilled and have some experience in screen printing. Any mistake in the printing process can cause a massive loss as many products are involved in creating a perfect piece.
  • Always take Minimal Payment: This is one of the top things to consider in the screen printing business. Money generated in this business is based on the end product. For instance, when a customer comes to you, they will discuss the design and order a specific amount of printing they want. They may pay you after they get the product. It generally happens in many businesses, but screen printing is different. What if the customer is unsatisfied with printing? What if they don’t turn up to take the final order? We will have to prepare for worst-case scenarios.

As the time, effort, and supplies will be yours, you must take a minimum sum in advance so that you don’t have an entire cost to bear.



Since screen printing is a complex business, there are numerous factors to consider. Even if the company is modest, running it takes a lot of strength. You could believe that printing is the most challenging part; however, that is not the case. The most difficult of all is keeping up solid client connections, which are essential to every firm. Customer service is significant in this industry because satisfied clients will constantly recommend you when they receive compliments on a print you produce. And only if you carefully think about and do the things described above can this happen.

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