What’s the Difference between Multiplace & Monoplace Hyperbaric Chambers

Hyperbaric oxygen chambers are of different types. When it comes to choosing a particular one, people often get confused. Confusion arises because they don’t know the difference between them.

The two most popular oxygen chambers are multiplayer and monoplace. These chambers are similar but also dissimilar in some ways. In this article, we will provide you with all the information regarding the same. So, keep reading the article till the end.

Hyperbaric oxygen chambers are beneficial for treating different medical conditions. They are trustworthy and that is why doctors always use them according to the patient’s needs. The best thing about these oxygen chambers is that people can set them in their homes. But you have to call some professionals for this task. So, make sure to research everything in detail before setting up anything.

Hyperbaric oxygen chambers aren’t that difficult to find if you want to purchase them. You can consider searching for the best sites that provide the best quality. If you want to know more, you can consider

It is crucial to understand the difference between various types of hyperbaric chambers. So, you can make a decision accordingly. Sometimes, people choose the wrong product and realize it a bit later. If you don’t want to put yourself in such a situation, you should always gain knowledge first. Let’s discuss the difference between multiple and monoplace baric chambers without wasting any more time.

Multiplace Hyperbaric Oxygen Chamber


As the term suggests, these setups are huge. You will find them in hospitals and medical centers. The main purpose of a multiplace hyperbaric chamber is to provide oxygen to multiple patients simultaneously. The patients can take oxygen from the same chamber according to their medical condition.

Doctors are allowed to enter this place. They take care of every patient separately while they breathe in oxygen through the masks. The setup has many things like masks, costumes, and other medical equipment. The benefit of setting up a multiplace setup is that doctors can treat several patients at one go. They don’t have to go from one place to another in search of a specific individual. All they need to do is go into the multiplace hyperbaric chamber and find the person they are looking for.

One common problem that some patients face in this type of chamber is not getting enough oxygen according to their condition. They also feel a bit uncomfortable while wearing the costume and mask. Everybody has a different level of comfort. So, the setup is not suitable for everyone. The doctors should understand this thing before considering this option for their hospitals.


One place to find the patients: The most significant advantage of this type of setup is that doctors don’t need to move from one ward to another to check the patients. They can find them at this setup. It becomes more convenient for them to continue the treatment of certain individuals.

Treating more than one person is a hectic task and some doctors are not used to it. That is why this type of chamber is perfect for doctors. They will also save time by not moving from one area to another.

Availability of medical equipment: Medical equipment is crucial for every health professional. Sometimes, it is challenging to find the same at the right time. In a multiplace oxygen chamber, everything is included in the area and doctors can use the medical tools they need quickly. Finding the tools also wastes a lot of time and therefore it is better to stick to this sort of setup.


Oxygen levels are the same: The biggest disadvantage of using a multiplace setup is that all the patients get the same level of oxygen. Well, it creates some problems because some patients might need more of it. Doctors must be careful when putting patients into their area because it will be risky for some people.

Uncomfortable masks: Every patient is given a mask for breathing oxygen. These masks are not suitable for long hours and patients feel uncomfortable while wearing them. It is a matter of concern that professionals should look into.

Enclosed area: Some patients do not feel great when they are put in an enclosed area. A multiplace setup works the same. People cannot bear the enclosed area for a long time, especially when they are out of breath and need oxygen therapy.

Monoplace Hyperbaric Chamber


A monoplace hyperbaric chamber is a bit different from a multiplace one in some ways. They are considered more effective and successful according to many health professionals. Every patient is given a separate setup which is made of acrylic and the flow of oxygen is also excellent inside it. Doctors need to check the vitals once in a while to ensure that everything is working perfectly for the patient.

Devices like mobile phones are not allowed into the area where these chambers are installed. So, everyone in the hospital needs to be extra careful about letting someone into this area with these devices. It might be harmful to the patients.

Monoplace hyperbaric systems are secured enough to provide the best therapy to the patients. There are many advantages to using this type of chamber for both doctors and patients. The doctors can quickly identify what a patient is saying through the communication system. The patients can also interact with their family members by using the same.


Comfortable experience: The experience of using this type of chamber is better than a multiplace one. The primary reason behind it is that patients don’t need anything like masks to take up oxygen. They have to lie down throughout the treatment and that is all.

A communication system is present: All the patients inside the chamber can easily communicate with the people through the communication system.


Not suitable for certain medical conditions: A monoplace oxygen chamber might not be suitable for everyone because it needs people to lie down.

The Bottom Line

Both these types of oxygen chambers are effective. However, they have certain differences too. You should consider their pros and cons before getting therapy or treatment.

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