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Hrithik Roshan Net Worth 2024

Hrithik Roshan was born on 10 January 1974. He is an Indian actor who appears in Hindi films. He has portrayed a variety of different characters and is famous for his dancing skills.

He is among the highest-paid actors in India, and he managed to win many awards, such as six Filmfares, four for Best Actor, one for Best Debut, and also one for Best Actor (Critics).

He started appearing in Forbes India’s Celebrity 100 in 2012 thanks to his income and popularity.

Early life and family


Roshan was born in Bombay to a family very prominent in Bollywood.

Hrithik’s father is a film director Rakesh Roshan, son of the music director Roshanlal Nagrath, while his mother, Pinky, is the daughter of producer and director J. Om. Prakash.

Also, his uncle, Rajesh, is a music composer.

Hrithik has an older sister called Sunaina.

When it comes to his education, he attended the Bombay Scottish School.

Even though he practices Hinduism, he said, “I’m not religious. I don’t visit temples. But I hope there is a superpower.”



Roshan started his acting career as a child artist, and before he appeared in films, he used to work as an assistant director on a few films.

His first film as a debutant in Bollywood turned out to be a great box-office hit.

The movie is called “Kaho Na Pyaar Hai.”

The story became quite popular, and the steps of the song “Ek Pal Ka Jeena” can be heard everywhere, even today.

The actor then played the role of Krish in the movie Krish. That character is the first successful modern-day superhero of Indian cinema. Millions of kids loved him, and he gained enormous popularity.

Besides acting, Hrithik Roshan also made his singing debut as a playback singer in Kites.

Net worth


Hrithik Roshan has an estimated net worth of around $370 million in 2024. It is approximately 2680 Crore INR in Indian currency. He is the most paid actor in the world in 2024 and is considered to be the Greek God of Bollywood due to his amazing looks and perfect body.

Acting is his main source of income. He charges over 22 crores for each film he signs.

He also owns a few restaurants (Fat Burger chain) in New Delhi.

Besides, he is the brand ambassador of the top-selling perfume ‘With love from Hrithik’, which took over the market quickly.

After that, he also launched his clothing line.

To top it all, he has his own brand of vodka, ‘Pure wonderoshan,’ which is India’s is a market leader in top quality vodka.

Combined with his parental properties, the valuation may go up to 5000 crores!

His family also owns luxury apartments and bungalows around the world, while Hrithik owns multiples houses in Delhi, Mumbai, and Bangalore.

The actor is crazy about cars and has a luxury Porsche that has a price of Rs 1.22 crores.

He also owns other luxury cars, such as Ferrari, Volvo, Audi, and Mercedes.

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