4 Things To Know About French Roulette And The Double-Down Strategy

Roulette is considered to be an integral part of any casino out there, whether it is online or offline. While many people think that roulette is a casino game based on luck, it is actually based on a lot of player skill and knowledge. As such, casinos and players have devised various strategies and versions of the game to provide more options to players and gamblers.

One of these roulette versions is the French Roulette which most closely resembles the original version of the roulette when it was invented (and discarded) back in the day. According to this link however, French roulette can be an extremely profitable casino game to play because the house has a much lesser edge in this game than normal roulette and the player gets to have multiple betting options as per his preference.

Along with French roulette, there is also the popular double-down strategy which demands a fearless and confident approach to playing roulette and is an excellent way of forcing yourself to take a break. These strategies and versions of the game can give any player a new way to play roulette but many people are still unaware of them.

That’s why in this article we will be listing several things that you should know about French Roulette and the Double-down strategy before you try them out yourself. Read the article till the end so that you don’t miss out on crucial details.

French roulette is entirely different from American roulette


If you come to play French roulette with the notion that it is the same as the American version of the game, you would be proven extremely wrong. French roulette might share some originalities with the popular American roulette but in most other aspects the two are nothing alike. The French roulette has a marginally different roulette table, offers better returns to the player and has a considerably lower house edge for the casino to cash profits in.

The most major difference between French and American roulette is that the prior has one zero less than its American counterpart. What that means is that while playing French roulette, the house immediately goes at a disadvantage than the American version of the game because the house edge gets slashed down in half.

Additionally, if the bets are played right, this house edge can be even further cut down into half leaving the casino with a negligible profit margin chance. What’s more is that bets in French roulette are played very differently too than their American counterparts and need some time to get used to.

As we navigate through the intricacies of French Roulette and the double-down strategy, it becomes apparent that these methods offer a refreshing perspective on a time-honored game. For enthusiasts looking to delve into these strategies or perhaps seeking a broader gaming experience, platforms like 1xBet Việt Nam emerge as a treasure trove of options. Offering a wide range of games beyond traditional roulette, including immersive slots and live casino experiences, 1xBet caters to players seeking diversity and depth in their gaming journey.

The house edge is much smaller with French roulette

As we discussed earlier, the edge of the house in French roulette is much, much smaller than the house edge in America’s version. This is because the French roulette table only has one zero on it and thus, there is only an approximately 3% chance of the house winning the roulette spin on the next round.

This is in stark contrast with the American version where the chances of the house winning the spin are as boisterous as approximately 6%. The most amazing thing about French roulette is that this house edge can be slashed down even further if you utilize the game’s rules and mechanics well.

One of the most prominent rules of the French version of the game, the Partage rule, dictates that any even losing bets need to be split into half to the casino and half to the player. If you put this rule in practical conditions, it means that the house only has an approximately 1.5% chance of gaining your full stake, or a 1.5% house edge, which is significantly better than the edge American roulette offers.

French roulette has a variety of different unique bets


The best thing about the French roulette is that it is not limited to any standard bets and has its own unique betting options and features that players can avail of. These unique bets are called announced bets and they offer the most unique chances of winning at roulette that other games simply do not.

Several bets like Voisins du Zero, where you can bet on all the numbers between 22 and 25, and Le Tiers du Cylinder, where you place six bets in different places from 27 to 33, are unique to French roulette only. So if you hear someone saying these terms on a French roulette table, do not be startled as there are many unique French betting terms out there.

A double-down strategy is risky but is a good strategy when you need to take a break

Source: double-down strategy

A double-down strategy is a strategy where you place a $1 bet at the start of the spin on one specific number and continue doubling the bets until you win that bet. This strategy, in action, looks something like this:

  • First bet – $1 on one specific number. If you win, go ahead and quit the game with $1 profit. If you lose, continue till you win.
  • Second bet – $2 on the same number. $1 to cover the loss of the previous round, $1 for profit. If you win, quit with $1 profit. If you lose, continue.
  • Third bet –  $4 on the same number. $3 to cover previous losses and $1 profit. If you win, quite with $1 profit. If you lose, continue.
  • Tenth bet – $512 on the same number. $511 to cover previous losses and $1 profit. If you win, quit. If you lose, continue till the casino doesn’t allow your bets or you win.

As you can clearly see, the only profit margin in a double-down strategy is of 1$. That’s it. The strategy only serves as a way for forcing gamblers to stop playing roulette and can be an excellent game-breaker if you find yourself getting too addicted.

The only problem is that the strategy also involves you paying exponentially high amounts of money if you lose consecutively at which point either you will go broke, thereby losing all your money, or the casino throws you out, thereby losing your money anyway. We only recommend using this strategy if you are well familiar with the risk.


There are several things you should know about the French roulette and the double-down strategy before you decide to try them out or just simply play Book of Dead not on Gamstop. We hope this article was insightful regarding that and if it was, please follow our website for regular updates as it will help us out immensely.

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