What is Corn Cob Wine and its Benefits

Wine is almost synonymous with alcoholic beverages if we think about it all in terms of tradition, culture, and longevity. It can certainly be argued that this beverage is the most popular one of all, excluding water perhaps. With thousands of years of history under its belt and an incredible, near limitless amount of strains and varieties, wine is the nectar of the gods themselves. The Greek Mythology has a very high opinion of it and for a good reason. Modern researches have proved it is healthy in small doses and people in their golden age who are as vigorous and healthy as they were decades ago attribute their well-being to wine.

While most of the varieties are made of numerous sorts of grapes, other fruits like different berries can be turned into wine. Sweet and sour, red or white, strong or weak in terms of alcohol levels, most people like it. However, most people are also not aware of a very special type of wine that is taking the world by storm. Have you ever heard of corn wine, or more precisely, corn cob wine? We are not joking. If you look at your calendar you will clearly see that we are around three weeks removed from April 1 and the jokes it brings. No, we are dead serious. You can make wine out of corn and people are doing it.

If you are intrigued with this new trend that has been aiming traction in recent months, you are not alone. Neither are you alone in having no clue whatsoever about how or why corn and wine are used in the same sentence. Lucky for you then, we are here to help and you and tell you all about corn cob wine and its benefits. We will also teach you, the reader, how to make it! Keep reading the article and pay close attention. In case there is more you would like to know, feel free to click here.

What and Why


If you think about it, most fruits and even vegetables can be turned into different beverages, most of which are alcoholic. Wine is no different, especially if you somewhat adjust your definition and understanding of what the word “wine” even implies. An edible material is all you need to start making it, and the more fermentable sugar it has the better. Mix in some yeast and patience and you have all it takes to make your own wine. Different people like different things so it was only a matter of time before corn lovers (and there are many of them) got their hands on the recipes and started drinking a brand new type of this divine beverage.

The Ingredients


It could not be more simple to gather everything you need to make wine out of corn. For an average batch and the most optimal way of preparing it, you should get 6 corn cobs. Other than that, you will need 4 and a half cups of sugar, 1 packet of yeast, and half a gallon of water. These values may be different based on the type and amount of corn, but these are the only four ingredients you need for corn cob wine. As we said, it could not be simpler even if you wanted it to.



Before you do anything, you should strip the kernels off the cobs. Cook the corn for a few hours and remove them with a knife. The easiest and most efficient way of doing things is to use an instant pot. You do not have to as any old pot would do, but those who have tried both recommend using an instant pot if you have one. Place the corn cobs inside, cut them in half if they cannot fit, and pour half a gallon of boiling water over it. They should be completely covered or at least submerged in water. Place the lid and cook the corn on high pressure for 10 minutes. Remove the cobs from the pot and do not throw away the water. Let it cool to room temperature. Add the sugar and stir it all in until it dissolves. Add yeas and do the same. Strain the liquid while pouring it into clean jars. Cover the jars with cheesecloth and store them in a cool and dark place until they ferment. This should take them about two weeks on average. If there are bubbles inside, it is not yet done fermenting. Then remove the cheesecloth and put on the jar lids. This is it! You can now enjoy your fresh new beverage for years to come and amaze all of your guests.

Benefits of Corn Cob Wine


There are a few nice benefits of doing this that will surely persuade you to try.

  1. It is very easy

As you have just read above, the amount of effort it takes to prepare this beverage is rather low. Go for it and you will see it for yourself!

  1. It tastes like beer

There is hardly any more reason to make this now you know that it is more like beer than wine! This makes sense since corn is considered a grain. Mixed with regular yeast and sugar and you get a nice beer and not really a true wine.

  1. It is cheap

Corn is among the most affordable vegetables out there, while yeast and sugar do not really break the bank either. It is an affordable way of trying something new which cannot be said for many other things.

  1. Break the routine

If you are like us, and the rest of humanity, you are probably always drinking beer or wine during gatherings when drinking is involved. Finer spirits and stronger drinks are a topic for another day. Therefore, for something that is both a wine and a beer, it presents a chance to remove yourself from the ordinary and get a new drink in the mix.

  1. It can be a hobby

Anything can be a hobby if you like doing it in your free time and enjoy every second of it. You may even find a new way of doing so or tinker with other ingredients and have a revelation. Remember, the best recipes are the results of accidents or trying unorthodox stuff!

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