5 Ways How Activated Charcoal Can Benefit Your Skincare?

Keeping face skin clean is much more important than we often think it is. The reason why a majority of people don’t think about this as something important is that they are not aware of why they should do that. It doesn’t matter if you are interested in this topic or not, you have heard of pores. These are some sort of gateway for oils our body naturally produces, like sebum.

These oils are a crucial component that keeps our skin looking as fresh as it can be. When our face skin is not as clean as it should be, the problems we encounter are blackheads and acne. Why do these happen? Well, they appear when our pores are not clean. Not only that you can expect these two issues to appear slowly, sometimes the problems can become much more severe.

We are talking about pore blockage, which definitely can translate to some sort of infection. Since you don’t want that to happen, you should think about using products that will help you with maintaining your face skin. One of those is definitely activated charcoal. If you would like to take a look at one of these products, you should visit Mamaearth, and find a charcoal face scrub that meets your needs.

Now, we would like to talk about the benefits you can reap by using these products.

1. Remove Impurities


The first and most obvious benefit is that activated charcoal will eliminate all the impurities on your face. The reason why you can expect this to happen is charcoal’s adsorptive ability. We are talking about a process that removes all impurities by using an electric charge. When you apply it to your skin, the mask will attract all the toxins and chemicals. So, when you wash your face, they will be eliminated.

We can see that this adsorptive ability can do much more than that. For instance, activated charcoal is used for curing even the most severe cases of poisoning in some cultures for centuries. When it comes to the debris it can remove from the pores on your face, you will see that there is practically no sort that this method cannot clean effectively. Be sure to try it out when you have the need.

2. Exfoliation


The next factor we would like you to take into consideration is the texture of activated charcoal. Since this is the case, using this method can have completely the same effect as some sort of natural exfoliant. If you know that the primary task of this approach is to remove all the dead skin cells from your skin, you will see that this method will do it quite effectively. Plus, you will not need to invest a lot of time into figuring it out.

Exfoliation is the process of removing all the debris that has piled on our skin over time. Surely, you have heard about the possibility you can undergo an exfoliation treatment. However, we believe that conducting this process in the most natural way possible is a better option. Removing these dead cells from time to time will give your skin a fresh look. There is absolutely a chance you do not notice the difference.

3. Oil Skin Production


As we’ve mentioned, our bodies produce natural oils. It is a crucial factor in keeping our skin as healthy as possible. Basically, these have the task of keeping our faces glowing and moisturized. Still, too much oil production can be quite a problem, especially if our pores are clogged by all the debris that accumulated. As a result, a wide array of wrinkles and acne.

By using activated charcoal, not only that you can remove all the debris, but you can also achieve a balance with oil production. That way it is possible to prevent all the gritty texture that can appear on your face. We believe that this part is something that a vast majority of people are not aware of. Achieving this level of balance is a crucial factor for your face to be as fresh as possible.

4. Resolving Other Issues


Cleaning the debris from pores is not the only thing activated charcoal can help you with. Instead, there are a lot of different skin-related problems you can cure by using it. For instance, people who had problems with psoriasis know how these impurities can make them feel. Little is known that activated charcoal can help you with removing the manifestations of this condition.

However, this is not the end when it comes to the possibilities. Many people have developed a practice of using this method to cure conditions like upset stomach, hangovers, and even high cholesterol. You can find a lot of different experiences of people who use activated charcoal for a wide array of different things. Still, the problem is that there are usually little researches that can confirm each of these things.

5. Curing Insect Bites

Last but not least, it is vital to talk about insect bites. We are sure nobody likes when this happens. As a result of a bug bite, we can have quite a lot of imperfections on our skin. Some of them can be quite durable. Meaning, they can last for more than just a couple of days. So, during all of these insect bites as fast as possible is something that everyone is interested in.

Thankfully, activated charcoal can help you in this situation. Not only that it will remove all the scars or popups quite efficiently, but it will also clean all the toxins that are located beneath these. These toxins come directly from the insects, which is why you should clean that part as soon as possible. Some would even say that this method can clean some sorts of venom quite efficiently.


For quite a lot of time, a majority of people weren’t aware of all the benefits activated charcoal can provide us with. Here, we’ve presented you with the most obvious benefits you can reap from using this approach. We are sure you will find all of these helpful.

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