Is There an Unbeatable Hand in Poker?

Poker is a great game. You can play it for money or recreationally it’s all the same. The only danger tied to it is that you might like it a little bit too much. Many people all over the world love this game. You can even play it professionally. For some people, it is a sport, and they see themselves as athletes. The best part is that if you’re good at it, you can win plenty of money. Just look at the lifestyle of one Dan Bilzerian. That’s the greatness you can strive for as a poker player.

The status Dan has is far down the road considering that you’re reading this article. We are going to assume you’re a rookie. That’s good. Poker is equally interesting when you’re staring and when you’re a pro. The game has that touch that thrills the new player while they learn, and that depth that keeps you around even when you mastered it. As we said, mastering is far away from your today’s point of view, so you’re better off learning basics with us. You got to start somewhere so why not here?

Considering you’re a rookie we’re going to state one clear fat when it comes to poker – stronger hand wins! It’s a golden rule unless you’re good at bluffing, but that won’t beat pro players. So, now that you know that a strong hand is going to beat a weaker one we can assume you have another question. This is what new players often ask. Is there an unbeatable poker hand? We hear this all the time. It is a fair question. To give you the best answer possible below we are going to list some of the strongest hands in this game. We’ll start with the strongest one.

Royal Flush


This is it. The hand that controls them all. A royal flush is deemed as the strongest hand there is. If you’re lucky or skilled enough to get this one when you play at a casino online you can bet that the pot is coming your way.  To have this one, you’ll need to get all the top cards in a game. When you consecutively align them from ten to king, and ace included (of the identical suit of course) you know that you have received the royal flush. As its names suggest it is a royal hand and thus no one can beat this one. So, to answer our question from the title.

Yes, there is an unbeatable hand in poker and this is it. While you need skill and luck to reach this hand, you might be luckier with some of the hands below. After all, as we said, the stronger hand wins, but people won poker games with far less than a royal flush. Just take a look at James Bond and Casino Royale.

Straight Flus



Once you get acquainted with poker you’ll understand that these combos are what make the game winnable. While the royal one is the game changer any flush can do the trick. This one gives you five consecutive cards starting from any card. So, you can have it with cards from two to six and five to nine. Of course in this scenario, the latter one wins as it holds a stronger hand. This is how this game functions. Two is the low bar. Ace and king are the top ones. Ace here is a de facto leader.

Four of a Kind

While the power scale tips in favor of the combos from above, this is the favorite hand of every poker player. You simply cannot love it. In some countries when you draw it is called the same way as the game itself – poker. So if you have this combo you might as well see yourself as a winner, unless someone is holding one of the hands from above. If there’s a need for us to tell you, the strongest combo is four aces.

Full House


A full house is fourth on our list. Regardless, it’s a cool combo. This one happens with a pairing of three of a kind and another pair. This pairing is almost limitless. Of course, they’re not as this is not a Bradley Cooper film, but you can have so many combinations which makes FH super interesting. Of course, for the win, you want kings and aces. But you can win a hand even with three twos and a pair of threes. It allows you to see the diversity of poker hands when you start learning about the strongest hands and you reach the full house. While we could talk about the full house combinations we should move on as poker has so much to offer in this department. Check freshbet casino for more information.



A not-so-colorful hand. What you need to have are five cards. A requirement is the same color and identical sign. So, any combination is welcomed as long as these two things align. The best example is if you have a flush of a king, a queen, two, three, and nine as long as they’re all of the hearts. A single strongest card decides the winner if two players have a flush. In a best-case scenario, a flush that contains an ace is your best bet.


This is one interesting hand. You just need to align the numbers. It is any consecutive series, regardless of the signs and colors. You can start with the number one, where the ace can be counted as one, and count to five. Ace stands for eleven too if you need a combo from nine to thirteen. If two players have straight the one holding the higher last card is the winner. We are going to stop the separate listing here as the rest of the hands are weak. But here’s an honorable mention –  three of a kind, followed by two pairs, a pair, and a high card.

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