Try Pin-up Aviator And See Its Benefits For Yourself

Each slot machine in the online casino catalogue is equipped with specific mechanics, which makes it popular among a broad audience. The Aviator is no exception. It allows you to get maximum odds in each round.

So try Pin-Up Aviator in paid or free mode at any convenient time. The online casino operates under a license, so there is no doubt about the safety of your bankroll. The Aviator features simple controls, which allows even a beginner to understand the nuances of betting.

Why choose Aviator at Pin Up India?


The machine was released in 2019. This made it possible to give it excellent visuals to get aesthetic pleasure while playing quickly. The playing field is a runway on which there is a red plane. After the start of the round, it rapidly rises, and the coefficient, located in the centre of the screen, gradually increases. The longer the flight continues, the more you can get, thanks to your luck and correct calculation.

Studying Pin Up сasino Aviator and its technical characteristics is important for beginners before placing bets in an online casino. First, you need to pay attention to the mechanics. It does not imply the presence of lines or reels. Instead, arcade mechanics are used. While the plane is flying, the round will continue. Once it disappears behind the clouds, it will be impossible to receive a payment.

Pinup online casino offers to test the machine’s capabilities in paid or free mode. The latter can be used even without going through the registration procedure. You must wait for the machine to start and set the current bet size. In the free slot version, it is easiest to understand what maximum quotes can be achieved during the game. You can also check other technical parameters, such as RTP. This figure in the machine reaches 97 percent. You can check it only if the session is long enough. What else affects how often the Pin Up Aviator app will offer high odds? The volatility in the slot is at a medium-low level. This provides a certain balance between the frequency of payments and their size.

How do bets work on Aviator at Pin Up India?


To get your first win in the betting process, you must go through the registration procedure at Pin-Up сasino. It does not take much time and will allow you to use your account to withdraw funds or track progress in receiving the next bonus. What features does the Aviator slot machine have? They can be represented as follows:

  • Statistical table – every bet made on the machine in the current round is displayed in a summary table. This allows you to understand how many people are playing in parallel and track the size of the bets and the amounts they manage to receive. You can understand which tactics are best to use based on the coefficients at which payments are accepted.
  • In-game chat – players can send messages to each other while betting. This allows you to communicate with like-minded people or share your observations about the game or different tactics.

The key to winning is reaching sure odds in the next round. Consider the line above the playing field to understand which quotes were activated in previous spins. It shows the last 15 outcomes. If a series of small quotes is ongoing, it can be interrupted at any time. An important advantage of the machine is that it often participates in various promotions, which allows you to receive free spins and other bonuses. Aviator is definitely one of the brightest representatives of the crash games category at Pin Up casino. All that remains is to choose tactics that will allow you to win more often.

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