India at the Asian Cup: Expectations

Despite past achievements, subsequent participation have been limited to the group stages. Let’s delve into the expectations and prospects for the Indian national team in the upcoming Asian Cup.

The Indian national football team is gearing up for its participation in the 2024 Asian Cup, taking place in Qatar. Stay tuned for the Asian Cup events with pin up betting online, where you can always find favorable odds and a wide range of bets. This marks the fifth time that the Indian national team is participating in this tournament, with their previous best result being a second-place finish in 1964.

Challenging Qualification

India’s journey in the qualification began with the second round, where the team found itself in a group with Qatar, Oman, Afghanistan, and Bangladesh. The Indian national team secured only one victory against Bangladesh and drew in four matches, finishing third in the group. This allowed them to advance to the third round of the qualification. Sunil Chhetri emerged as the standout player, scoring three goals in eight matches.

In the third round, India was placed in a group with Hong Kong, Afghanistan, and Cambodia, where they displayed excellent results by winning all matches and securing the top spot. This granted them a spot in the final stage of the Asian Cup, marking the first time in the history of the Indian national team to reach the final stage of the tournament for two consecutive times.

Expectations for the Final Stage


In the final stage of the Asian Cup, the Indian national team found itself in the fourth pot according to the FIFA rankings. The draw placed them in a group with Australia, Uzbekistan, and Syria. The group stage matches will take place in Al-Rayyan and Al-Khor. A total of 24 teams are participating in the tournament, divided into 6 groups. The top two teams from each group, along with the four best third-placed teams, will advance to the Round of 16.

Head coach Igor Stimac expressed dissatisfaction with the limited preparation time. The Indian national team had only two weeks to prepare for the tournament, although Stimac aimed for four. He emphasized that the Asian Cup is not the main priority but is considered official preparation for the World Cup 2026 qualifying matches.

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Despite facing significant challenges, the Indian national team has decent chances of progressing through the group stage. Australia is considered the favorite in the group and a contender for victory in the tournament, but Stimac’s team could provide stiff competition for Uzbekistan and Syria. This year, there is also the possibility of three teams from the group advancing to the playoffs.

Team Leaders


The Indian national team can rely on experienced players, including Sunil Chhetri, who is a legend in world football. Chhetri, with records comparable to Lionel Messi and Cristiano Ronaldo in terms of matches played and goals scored for the national team, could be a key player for the tournament. Other crucial players include Lallianzuala Chhangte, Akash Mishra, and Naorem Roshan Singh, each posing a significant threat to the opponents of the Indian national team.

The Indian national team is gearing up for significant challenges in the Asian Cup, and football fans can take advantage of the opportunity to place bets on the matches involving the Indian national team through the pin-up bet mobile app, where there is always a wide selection of events.

Additionally, within the Indian squad, attention should be drawn to forward Manvir Singh, midfielders Apuya and Dipak Tangri. The Indian national team is considered the dark horse of this tournament, and it is well within their capabilities to create a sensation in this Asian Cup.

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