Culture Eats Strategy for Breakfast

How do you judge whether a company culture is strong or not? Most people would say that the company’s strategy is what ultimately matters, but there’s more to it than that. A company with a strong culture will also be able to have a strong strategy.

To build a successful company, you need a strong culture and a good strategy. However, many times these two things are put at odds with each other. A great strategy can easily be hindered when the company’s culture is not supportive. Sometimes good strategy can even sabotage the company if it’s not implemented correctly.

If you try to Google and search for quotes about company culture, the search will reveal some interesting ones. There is one by Peter Drucker that says “Culture eats strategy for breakfast”. What exactly is Peter trying to say with this one? A strong culture is key to creating a successful business. without one, it’s difficult to foster a consistent level of motivation and engagement from employees. To have a great strategy and still have a cohesive company culture, both elements need to be in harmony. But this isn’t always easy to achieve, often good strategy gets pigeonholed by corporate agendas or higher-ups who may not understand it well themselves. This can result in the wrong decisions being made, which can ultimately damage the company culture and even its chances of success.

It’s no secret that companies with strong cultures are successful. Companies with positive cultures outperform those without them. A culture is made up of shared values, norms, and behaviors that run through an organization. If employees feel valued, they will work harder and be more engaged. So, what do you need to create a winning culture? Here are three examples of companies with stellar cultures:


Google logo

Perhaps no company epitomizes the power of a strong culture more than Google. It was founded by two Stanford university students with an unwavering commitment to their ideals and an unstoppable drive to achieve greatness. The company’s principles, known as “Ten Directives,” guide everything from how they communicate with their employees to how they manage overtime and employee protests.


Apple Logo

Apple has been consistently ranked among the world’s most admired companies for a reason. It is perhaps one of the most popular brands in the world. The company has a strong culture of innovation, creativity, and productivity that helps it remain at the forefront of technology. Apple encourages collaboration among employees while also promoting individual achievement. This creates a thriving workplace culture where employees are able to express themselves fully and feel appreciated.


Amazon is also on out list and it is known as a company with a strong culture. From their hiring process to their promotion policy, everything at Amazon is designed to promote employee growth and satisfaction. This mindset has led to incredible success for the company and has made Amazon one of the most admired brands in the world.

There’s no doubt that foregoing a strong company culture can be risky when it comes to the bottom line. This is why it’s so important for businesses to invest in creating a culture that celebrates success, allows employees to share their ideas and feedback openly, and celebrates the team’s collective accomplishments.

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