3 Things to Look for When Buying a Log Splitter With a Petrol Engine

Living in cold areas isn’t easy. But, with a good enough wood supply, it can be handled with ease. Quality wood can fight any enemy whose friend is cold, and winter is no exception. The one thing left for you to do is to get your hands on quality firewood. So, what are your options? Well, you can either buy firewood or work on making it on your own. We love the latter because it brings us closer to nature. Furthermore, in most cases, it is the cheaper option. So if you are looking to be warm and save money in the process you know what to do.

Splitting logs manually isn’t easy and it will take you too much time which is not something you want to waste on the outside when the temperature is freezing. The thing is you probably can’t even cut a log in two unless you are Arnold Schwarzenegger in commando; in this case, you can do whatever you want. We’re going to assume you are nothing similar to the great Austrian actor, so splitting logs manually while the blizzard is on the way is not an option. This brings us to the solution to your great issue. Let us introduce you to the great invention of a log splitter. An amazing machine that can do so much regarding logs. It can become your best friend when it comes to preparing for cold winter days. While all of these machines are amazing there are a few things to look out for when it comes to them. In this article, we’re going to direct your attention to the top three things to look for when buying a log splitter with a petrol engine. This is what you were looking for, so let’s get down to business.

What Kind of Log Splitter to Use


Basically, two types of log splitters are most common. We are talking about electric and petrol ones. Both of them have advantages and flaws, and you need to be certain which one is going to be your pick. Something from Uniforest comes to our mind, and it could be what attracts your attention too. One thing you need to know is that these machines do not use combustion engines, so there’s no reason why you shouldn’t use them indoors. The one thing you get with a motor is that you can count on easy maintenance and low energy consumption. But, when it comes to power, you can’t look beyond petrol one. This is what suits most men better, as it makes the work all that easier and faster because there’s more power involved.

Of course, because of the petrol engine, these devices are heavier which makes them harder to maneuver. With more heavy work involved, you know there’s going to be more maintenance to keep it in top shape for all the log splitting that comes with winter days. But, with petrol ones you are not tied to any location and boring cables. You can set it up anywhere you want and have all the fun with the firewood. Yes, you need to avoid small and secluded spaces, but wood chopping is something you want to do in the outdoors. There are even models that can be attached to a car, which makes them mobile. This means that you are not limited to only chopping your logs, but also help family and friends. If you are an entrepreneur by nature, you could even earn money in the process. Be a little bit like Tom Sawyer from the famous Mark Twain novel.

Log Splitter Sizes


Logs aren’t designed to fit certain measures. In fact, they can greatly vary in size which is something you need to have in mind when buying a petrol log splitter. When you know the size you are going to handle each day during the winter, you can decide on the power of the engine you need by your side. If your logs are great and you know you need more power, then you need a petrol device, ad you do not want the risk of under-performance from an electric one. While it cost more money, the petrol version offers more effectiveness which is what you want in the end. Its effectiveness is measured in tons, so it is vital to know how many tons each one can produce. If you’re curious about this, we’re not going to keep you in the dark for too long. The electric ones can produce up to 20 tonnes of force. This is where electric ones excel with more than 35 tonnes.

Tree Types


In the end, we could say that it’s less about the machine and more about the raw material you’re about to handle. The type of tree you want to split is quite essential for the work you’re about to do. We are not kidding when we say this. You need to be aware of the log type you cut before you buy the machine. Not all trees are the same. Some are easier to split while with some you could have a hard day of work to chop them down into pieces. It all comes down to the type as we said, and people tend to oversee this if they’re not well versed in types of trees. Did you know that the walnut is one of the trickiest trees to cut? It is almost impossible to cut with an electric splitter. It’s that hard. Most softwoods can be handled without an electric one, but hardwoods are another story. So, check the types of trees in your area, as it needs to be a factor that affects your purchase.

Final Thoughts

Overall you can see that it is equally important to take into account splitting force, power source, and the type of the three. With our story above, you now know what’s to be known before buying an electric log splitter.

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