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Arijit Singh Net Worth 2024

Arijit Singh is a popular Indian backup singer. Throughout the years of his career he earned respect both from the critics and audience. He is also often described as an artist who is creating high-quality music and is very adored and popular at the same time. If you are interested in reading everything about this singer, including his bio, personal life and net worth, take a look below.

Early life

Born on 25th April 1987 in Jiaganj, Murshidabad, West Bengal he got interested in music at a very young age. Throughout his childhood he was often exposed to music and it did not take him long to figure out that music is his love and passions. This is the reason why he decided that it is going to be his career.



Typically he sings in multiple languages, predominantly in Hindi and Bengali. For his outstanding work, he received National Award and 6 Filmfare Awards.

His breakthrough happened through a reality show Fame Gurukul where he was discovered. Some of his numerous successful songs include Yeh Fitoor Mera, Roke Na Ruke Naina, Aaj Se Teri, Ve Maahi, Shayad, Haan Main Galat, etc.

Personal Life


He is a very private person, so little information about his private life is familiar. He enjoys playing different sports. When it comes to music, he enjoys listening to different artists. On one occasion he stated that he enjoys listening to Coldplay. Also, he said that he finds his inspiration in the works of classical musicians.

He is also known for his humanitarian work and philanthropy.

Net Worth


Arijit Singh is considered to be one of the highest-paid Indian singers. His estimated net worth is around 52 crores (7 million USD). The majority of his incomes is earned through his work. Due to the fact that he not only sing, but also composes songs he is very respected in the industry and a lot of other artists dream of working with him. Therefore, his net worth will probably only grow in the future.

Singh has a huge fan base. On Instagram he has almost 3.5 million followers. He uses this platform to promote his upcoming projects and interact with his fans. Given the fact that the fans are eagerly waiting for his new songs, he has a lot of likes and comments.


Singh is a young artists but he already has successful career. On the top of that he is respected and popular. Furthermore, not only does he perform music, but he also creates it and composes it. In accordance with the fact that he is popular and successful, his net worth is among the highest in the country. Moreover, in the future his net worth has a potential of getting higher.

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