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Laura Bailey Net Worth 2024

You may not know how she looks, but you’ve undoubtedly heard her voice once in your life. Laura Bailey is from the U.S., and she is a voice actress and also a voice director. You can hear her voice in many cartoons, animes, video games, and other types of animations.

One of her most famous “appearances” is her debut, when she voiced a character in the popular anime Dragon Ball Z.

There’s a chance you don’t know much about her, or even how she looks, but if you want to know, we’ve got your back. We’ve gathered information about Laura, her personal and professional life, and the interesting fact about her net worth.

So, for all you curious birds out there, here you go.

Early Life of Laura Bailey


The birthplace of Laura is interestingly Biloxi in Mississippi, and there is only a little information about her family and her childhood. We know that she went to Wheatley Park School and that after that, she attended Collin County Community College in Plano, Texas. There she was a part of the Quad C Theatre program where she had the first encounter with acting.

While at college, she participated in many plays, such as Serbia and Didn’t Rock the Jukebox, and at that time, she was first noticed. Kent Williams noticed her and called her for an audition at Funimation, and that’s when her acting career started.

The career of Laura Bailey


After Kent Williams discovered her, she got her first role on Dragon Ball Z, as Kid Trunks. After that, she got many other very exciting roles, such as the role of Marlene Angel, or the role of Tohru Honda in Fruits Basket, and Luts in Full Metal Alchemist.

After a few years of voice acting, she decided to try directing, and she did an outstanding job. Her first major directing project was for a manga series called Gunslinger Girl, where she also voiced a character named Henrietta.

But animated series and movies are not the only gigs Laura had in her career; she also voiced many video game characters. She voiced in Marvel vs. Capcom: Infinite and in Spider-Man, and many more.

Laura got many awards and nominations for her brilliant performances, like in 2018 when she won the BTVA awards Anime Dub Television Award for Best Vocal ensemble in anime TV series. For her role in Spider-Man, she got the NAVGTR award in 2019.

Personal Life of Laura


Laura likes to keep her private life very private, but it is known that she got married to Travis Willingham in a private and romantic ceremony. The two of them have a son together, Ronin.

Net Worth of Laura Bailey


Laura Bailey is not a new name in the entertainment business, and she has a very successful career that she started back in 1999. She works as a voice actress, but also as a director and producer. Laura’s estimated net worth in 2024 is around $2 million, and we believe that it will rise in the future.

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