Where Can I Buy BTC?

The question of how to buy Bitcoins with credit card no verification has become a real trend among enterprising people. The high volatility of the trading asset and forecasts of excess profit attract many professional and amateur investors.

Many analysts think that this year will be the last opportunity to buy Bitcoin cheaply, and then the cryptocurrency price will simply be unattainable for ordinary people. Of course, many want to invest in Bitcoin because thousands of people have made a fortune on their modest investment attempts.

Whether to buy Bitcoin at all? This question worries not only beginners but also professional traders. First of all, skepticism about Bitcoin is associated with two factors:

  • No backing of Bitcoin with gold or some other currency;
  • Any state doesn’t control it.

Everyone decides for themselves whether they should buy or not. But, the fact that the demand for Bitcoin is growing. Over the years of its existence, the Bitcoin rate has grown more than millions of times. At the moment, Bitcoin is a recognized financial instrument that large investors are actively interested in. So, if you look at the long term, Bitcoin is likely to grow further.

However, not everyone knows how and where to buy Bitcoin with a credit card instantly and faces numerous scammers and lose their funds. We will tell you how to buy Bitcoin safely and the essential aspects of this process.

How to Buy BTC with Credit Card

Bitcoins have become an increasingly popular and widespread means of payment in recent years. In many cases, they easily replace regular money. At the same time, Bitcoin is constantly growing in price. So, you can buy Bitcoins with a debit card with one of the listing options below and sell them in a few months with a good profit.

1. Exchanges


Buying Bitcoin on the exchange app anonymously takes more time and requires additional operations. Some exchanges don’t accept fiat currencies and USD. Experts buy stable coins traded on the exchange. Stablecoins are digital money backed 1 to 1 by fiat currency. Before starting operations, you must register on the exchange. The account on the exchange is virtual. Most exchanges charge a commission for replenishing the account and withdrawing funds.

The transfer of funds from the seller’s account to the buyer’s account on the exchange will take much more time than in the exchange. In some cases, the execution of the order takes two to three days. Key operations on cryptocurrency exchanges are available after multi-step verification and identity verification. Still, a high level of transaction security is achieved due to such checks.

If there is no commission, this is most likely a scam, and you may not return your money back. But you can choose an exchange with the lowest commission and minimal risk. For example, the Switchere platform has a minimum commission and a 100% guarantee of the safety of your money.

2. Exchangers


It is the fastest way to buy Bitcoins with credit card no verification. The most important point is reviews about the exchanger. It is worth choosing an exchanger without complaints, and it should have a large number of good reviews. Transactions in exchangers are carried out online. Payment for the purchase is made by bank card or through payment systems associated with the exchanger. Reliable exchangers have been working on the market for a long time and value their reputation. Buying Bitcoin through a trusted exchanger is safe.

When buying Bitcoin in an exchanger, you should remember that all transactions take place with a commission. The Bitcoin purchase rate is higher. Purchase in the exchanger takes place in one operation. The transfer takes place after confirming the transaction via SMS or e-mail.

3. ATM


It is one of the easiest ways to buy BTC with a debit card. You can pay for Bitcoin at an ATM with a bank card or cash. The commission for the purchase is fixed and doesn’t exceed 4%. The provider sets the exchange rate at the time of payment. There are 4,000 crypto-currency ATMs globally, but the majority (2,500) are located in the United States.

4. Traders


When buying Bitcoins from other people, you don’t have to pay commissions. But be aware of the risk of fraud. Transactions between individuals occur on special exchange platforms that accept advertisements for purchasing or selling cryptocurrencies from users from different countries. The service administration pays attention to the security of transactions and informs buyers about the seller’s reputation with the help of ratings and reviews, but there is always a risk of losing money when buying Bitcoin from a private trader.

5. P2P platform

Since these platforms essentially help people find each other, in many jurisdictions, they are not technically classified as exchanges or “money transfer financial institutions.” So, in some cases, identity disclosure is not required to use the service. Therefore, P2P platforms can be an effective way for privacy-conscious buyers to buy Bitcoin. However, they tend to be less convenient and often more expensive due to lack of liquidity.

6. Telegram Bots


Modern instant messengers have long ceased to be a means only for messaging. Thanks to robot programs, Telegram has become a multifunctional combine. In a Telegram bot, you can search for information, trade, and even buy Bitcoin. You don’t need to go to another application or the cryptocurrency exchange website to do this. Operations are performed without leaving the messenger.

Such a bot is an analog of the P2P platform in Telegram. This service provides contact between sellers and buyers and acts as an intermediary and guarantor of the security of transactions. It often creates your Bitcoin wallet directly in Telegram, which is convenient due to the messenger’s strong encryption keys and its strict privacy policy. High-quality and reliable bots are usually tied to thematic sites and include a support service that answers questions around the clock and helps sort out a controversial situation or a failed transaction. The two main advantages of Telegram Bitcoin buying bots are their speed and network reliability. According to the developers, the transaction time is no more than 15 minutes. But usually, users spend only 5 minutes on it. Such speeds are not available to exchanges and exchangers.

To at least somehow secure the purchase of Bitcoin, you can carry out the operation through the guarantor of transactions app. You will also have to pay a small commission for it, but it is lower than in exchangers.

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