5 Ways a REV’s Check Can Save You A Lot Of Money

Anyone who owns a new or used car knows what a REV check or report is, as it is something we need to rely on to make sure everything is in order with the vehicle. Those who are the first owners of cars should know that in case they decide to sell it as a used one, such a report gives the real situation for the correctness and that they should not manipulate numbers and repairs to get a better price.

Even the buyer of the car can come to this report, so if you are selling, we really advise you not to try to change and adjust the actual condition of the vehicle.

How is the REV check done?


Depending on where you are in the world, you have services and services where you can do this check. For example, here, you enter the sequence of characters engraved on your vehicle, which is technically something like a serial number, through which all repairs, mileage, and changes to the basic version are recorded, when made through authorized services.

Do you know that such a check can save you a considerable amount of money, even before you buy the vehicle at all?

In the following, we will talk more about this aspect:

1. You get a registered history for your vehicle

Every repair and change that is reported is registered in the VIN number, thanks to which you can receive a report. With that report, you will compare whether the recorded situation matches the real one and thus you can either negotiate a lower price (if the seller is trying to extract more money from you) or spare yourself from doing business with such suspects.

Of course, you can also confirm the offered condition and be sure that what you get is worth the price you pay. Whatever the outcome, you are the winner in the situation, not the loser.

2. You will know what technical problems you may have


Sometimes some vehicles are sold cheaply because they have a defect that the new owner will need to repair to drive safely. Very often, buyers come with a mechanic to check the car. Thereby, if a defect is detected, the price becomes subject to negotiation.

Honest sellers are honest with potential buyers. But there are those who just want to get rid of the vehicle and that is really not fair, but there are and we can not do anything about it. For these reasons, the REVs check will reveal what has been intervened and whether all defects have been fixed in time.

3. You will notice an attempt for fraud

Scams and attempts to make more money for less valuable items are part of everyday life. We all try to protect ourselves from that, but not everyone is skilled enough or at least skeptical about what is on offer.

But when it comes to cars, concealing the facts and attempting fraud can lead to catastrophic tragedies. Of course, everyone would like to rely on the human conscience, but there are people who would sell at any cost, without thinking about the consequences.

4. Protect yourself from buying stolen cars


Thieves often resell stolen cars and make money at the loss of someone. They will certainly not tell you anything, but with the help of the REVs check, you can see for yourself whether this cheap car is a good deal or just someone trying to wash the crime away from itself and make money on that account.

It can also happen that the car was part of an accident and was declared invalid, ie a written-off car, which has so much damage that it is not worth repairing. But there are mechanics who know how to deal with so much damage. However, even if there is no technical omission, such an act is a crime and you certainly do not want to be drawn into it.

5. It will be easier for you to make a decision

Based on the report we have already mentioned, you will easily decide whether it is worth paying the amount requested or whether the vehicle is worth that much. Too often, buyers are mistaken for certain aspects and not through their own fault.

However, if the car was acquired illegally or has a suspicious history, the legal consequences may affect you because you did not have a REVs check. Because of this, it is much easier to do this, even if you have to pay a certain amount for that service, instead of having to deal with legal issues. Having this information, you will really make an easy decision to buy a specific vehicle.

Where is the VIN?


These are the 17 digits that you usually get in the document, ie the registration certificate, but they can be engraved on the windshield, on the door junction, on the engine, or elsewhere, depending on the model. If the seller refuses to give you this information or you notice that some scratches and conceals have occurred, leave immediately because they want to prevent you from doing a REVs check.

In this report, you can check, as we said, if the car was stolen or written-off, but also if the odometer was manipulated, registration details, information about the previous owners, and a check for previous damages due to natural causes.


As a smart and dedicated buyer, we’re sure you do not want to leave anything to chance, no matter how much you trust the seller. You should never have complete confidence in knowing what manipulations can occur. It is up to you to make this check and get the required report. Do not succumb to the pressure that you have to buy that car. The seller will try to advertise it as the best thing on the market, but only through a REV check will you know if it is true or not.

We want you to play smart, so you can find the vehicle that is worth your money and that will not drain your pocket due to hidden defects.

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