Is it Cheaper to Build Your Own Deck?

If you’re thinking about building a deck where you’ll enjoy some warm summer nights with your family members, you might also be thinking about whether or not it would be cheaper to build it by yourself. To be completely honest, this will depend on a wide range of factors which you’ll need to carefully consider.

The average expenses you’ll have for having it professionally build is approximately 15.000 dollars, however, if you choose to build it on your own, it might end up costing more. How is that possible? Well, you’ll be able to find the reasons for this happening in the article below, so, let’s take a look at what you should know:

1. You Might Not Have The Tools You Need

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One of the first reasons why building your own deck could be more expensive is because you don’t have the right tools and equipment for the job. After all, it’ll require you to have an electric saw, screwdrivers, an electric drill, all of which don’t come with cheap price tags.

On the other hand, a professional deck builder will already have the tools and equipment they need, which means that they won’t need to purchase it. This means that, if you don’t have the tools for the job, you might want to turn to a professional company for assistance.

2. They Know Exactly What They’re Doing

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If you choose to build a deck on your own, you’ll certainly feel quite satisfied when you’re done with your project. However, will you be able to say that the construction is completely safe? Probably not. And, if it isn’t safe, you might need to make some adjustments or repairs, all of which will probably cost you extra.

However, hiring a team of expert builders will know exactly what they’ll have to do in order to securely and properly build the construction, meaning that it’ll probably last you for a very long time. Besides this, they’ll be able to give you a lot of advice on the materials you could use, which leads us to our next point…

3. They’ll Advise You on The Materials You Can Use

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When you work on improving your home by yourself, you might not know what alternative materials you could use, all of which will provide you with the same properties and look, but for a cheaper price. And, there is no denying, if you don’t pay attention to the materials you use, you’ll certainly end up paying extra.

If you opt for hiring someone for the home improvement project you’re planning on making, they’ll be capable of giving you advice on a wide range of things, including which materials could be suitable for the deck, but ones that are drastically cheaper than the ones you might have used.

Hence, if you’re unsure of your abilities or knowledge about the entire construction project, you can opt for services such as the ones provided by https://decksforlife.ca/.

4. They’ll Know All The Rules And Regulations

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Do you know all the rules and regulations that you need to comply with when making this type of home improvement? If the answer to this question is ‘no’, then you should immediately start searching for an experienced and trustworthy deck building company. Why should you do this?

Well, if you don’t comply with all the regulations, the deck you built might end up being demolished. However, with an experienced contractor, they’ll know exactly what rules and regulations they’ll have to comply with, but more importantly, they’ll know which permits you’ll need for the project.

5. It’ll Be Quicker

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Spring is around the corner, so if you were planning on finishing this construction on time, you should know that you might not be capable of doing so. After all, you’ll need a lot of free time to complete it, and if the weather turns out to be terrible, you’ll have to wait for everything to get dry.

But, by hiring a company to do this job, they’ll bring a team of experienced and skilled builders, which means that your deck could be completed in a matter of days. After all, they have probably built hundreds of decks by now, which is why they’ll work faster than you, even if you have some help from your friends.

A Few Tips

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Before we conclude this article, it’s worth mentioning a few things that you should know, especially if you’re planning on hiring a contractor for the job. For starters, you’ll want to find a few potential companies and once you do, ensure that you check all of their reviews from previous clients.

By doing this, you’ll ensure that people had a pleasant experience with the organization, and keep in mind, if there are more negative than good reviews, skip to the next organization. Besides this, you’ll also want to browse through the companies’ portfolios in order to see some examples of their work.

If you’re satisfied with what you’re seeing, you could then move on to asking for the quotes. When you obtain the quotes, you should compare everything the company offers, including the services, materials, experiences, as well as the number of people that’ll work on your deck.

By doing all of the aforementioned things, you’ll be capable of ensuring that you choose a company that will build a safe deck, one that will allow you to use it for a lot of years. Hence, don’t skip on any of the steps we mentioned above, mostly because they’ll ensure that you choose right.


It is possible for you to build your own deck, however, there are various reasons why you might want to hire a professional company for the job. Besides them saving you a lot of time and money, they’ll also ensure that the entire construction is safe, and more importantly, that you comply with all the laws and regulations your state has imposed.

So, now that you’re aware of all the reasons why building your own deck might end up costing you more than hiring someone to complete it, you shouldn’t lose any more time. Instead, you should open up your browser, and start searching for an experienced company that’ll bring your idea to life.

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