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Why Write for Mantavya?

Why write for Mantavya?

You can make a difference

Mantavya is a community dedicated to helping improve all aspects of our readers’ lives, and your work will contribute to fulfilling that mission. Articles published on mantavya are mainly focused on self-help.

Build Your Readership

You get noticed by a lot of people when you write content at a different platform. We will include your bio and links to the website and social profile in the article written by you.

Contribute When You Can

You don’t necessarily have to write every day. It’s entirely upto you whether you want to write a single time or multiple times.

Or become a regular contributor

You can also join as a regular contributor. In case people like your articles and Mantavya generates any revenue, we will pay you too.


Submission Guidelines

  • Article length: 700 plus words.


  • Your content must be directly related to self-improvement: Be it health, relationships, time management or something else described, it must be a self-improvement article.


  • Keep a positive tone and provide a solution.


  • Organize it well: Use headings, subheadings, bullets or lists to structure your writing.


  • Be sure to include facts, research, sources or personal anecdotes: For that, you can link any external article or study. Keep in mind that it must add some value and not be done just for the links.


  • Plagiarism Free: It must pass Copyscape.


  • Your post should be 100% unique: Write original content which is nowhere else to be found on the internet.


  • No advertisements: Please do not include any kind of advertisements in the article. We will not publish any article which is intended to sell something rather than adding value.


Note: Articles submitted by you might be modified concerning text, pictures, and grammar. We will try our best to maintain the same tone you wrote the article in.


How to submit?


Send your article with your full name, a short bio, and a headshot to the below email id:


You can also link your website and social pages in the bio section.

See you with your article!