What is most important in life?

Days pass into weeks and similarly months and years. And then come some days when you start feeling lost somewhere in this life.

“Life has become so monotonous. What’s happening? What do I want to do? What am I doing? Where am I going? What I wanted to do, I’m not doing that even. Everyone else seems to do better in their life, but not me. I want somebody to speak to, but whom? Nothing is working alright.”

I, myself encounter such days and feel like to be in a solitary place thinking of all the mind-boggling things going on inside.

These days come once in a blue moon but shatter us profoundly leaving the known-unknown guilt behind.

If this relates with you, read till the end to know how to tackle this situation positively.

What is the significance of having such days?

While growing, when I faced such instances, I would feel bad about it and thought I was useless. Later I realised that these are important to show us what we are. We go in front of the mirror every day a couple of times, but we always see the outer us there and forget to reflect on our inner self. That is why these days are there to show us the mirror. So be positive as great ideas require stronger ‘Why?’ to do anything in life.

The most important things in life

While there can be many things which we can count as important, personally I feel below mentioned 4 things are utmost important:

1. What is most important in life? Health!

Well, what do I say more about it? We already know about it, right? Contrarily, knowing isn’t important, but being conscious of it every day is. Even the best food in this world will taste bland if you are sick.

The best places you want to travel to will seem unenjoyable with ill health.

Money, food, objects and all the things in this world will not remain exciting to you if you don’t take care of your health properly.

Nature has provided us with all the things we need to live a life: oxygen, food, mind and a working body. It’s we who start expanding our desire and take care of the other unnecessary things first neglecting our health.

Even if you are struggling financially, you can still choose to eat healthily and do exercise. Remember health is your greatest wealth ever. Money, things and people will come and go in your life, health will stay.

You will be able to face even your miserable days with good health, but even a luxurious life will be of no use with ill health.

2. What is most important in life? Focus on Skills!

To survive in today’s competitive world, one must have skills apart from qualifying degrees.

After health, the second most important thing we should focus on our skills. Not only skills can help you in earning your livelihood, but also you can use it climb the ladder of success. Be it in the form of doing business or within an organisation.

Skill can only be mastered by continuous practice and by applying it somewhere.

By focusing some time every day on some skills, you will make sure that you are productive, becoming master in some things and will not starve in any circumstances which in turn will make you feel happy every day.

3. What is most important in life? Goals!

Everyone wants to do some small or big things in life. I have many such goals, to name, one is travelling.

I hope you have them too. Goals make your life focused and in turn motivate you to take actions. Having some long-term as well as short-term goals clear your vision in life.

It’s like a google map, which shows you where to go, how much time it will take and what are the options available. It’s easy to think, but hard to follow, and in fact, planning goals is also a skill.

Remember life is easier when you have google map to reach somewhere than when you decide to just walk in any direction hoping to reach the destination. To make it clear, have GOALS.

4. What is most important in life? Quality People!

Some people have many groups they hang out with, some have a good number of friends, but I’m not talking about having good numbers, I’m talking about having quality people around.

What do I mean by quality people?

People who are close to you, who will show up even in difficult circumstances. The ones to whom you matter the most. People who motivate you, encourage you, stand by your size, or you can learn something from.

Who are these people?

These can be your family members, a few friends (not everyone you consider your friend is your true friend. These quality friends are also very few in number.) Or your teacher/mentor.

As these people will add values to your life, identify them, embrace them and show up to them from time to time.

Your focus shouldn’t be having 100 people around, it should be to have those 2-3 who are the real ones.


Focus on all these areas and do analyze every day how much time and effort did you put in all these four areas. If you do this every day, chances will be very less of feeling low. However, if you still do, just think about all these four things and talk to those 2-3 quality people.

Now, you know what is most important in life to me. I hope, you agree with my thoughts.

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