The Power Of Habit: Charles Duhigg

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The Power Of Habit Book

Do you often feel like changing some of your habits? Do you find it easy to think of changing them, but hard to actually change them?

The key to being more productive, losing weight, achieving success is understanding how our habits work.

The Power of Habit: Why We Do What We Do In Life, And Business takes a different approach to change a habit.

In this review, I’m going to walk you through how and why this book is helpful or not helpful.


Before we begin that, watch what Charles Duhigg explains about his master piece:



The Power Of Habit


Who doesn’t want to change his/her bad habits? I too wanted to do the same.

Though I read different books, reading a book on habit wasn’t something I gave any penny for thoughts.

Initially, I thought the book would be just about the general things which we read and watch in videos on habits, but I was wrong.

The book takes our understanding of habits to a different level.


Read the full review to understand that.


The Power of Habit book is divided into three parts:


1.    Individual Habits:


This part can be more appealing to readers who are seeking a solution to change their personal habits.

In this section, the writer starts with the description of what a habit loop is.

It’s a circular process with three main components:


  • The Cue: A trigger which is based on the reward you are seeking. Generally, there are some small triggers which make us do anything consciously & unconsciously.


  • The Routine: An emotional or physical action that you usually take to receive the reward. This is basically the habit which we want to change. We follow it knowingly and unknowingly several times.


  • The Reward: The satisfaction you get after following the routine. Believe it or not, but there are specific rewards associated with the routine which we follow.


He mentions that the key to change any habit is to break any habit into these three components.

How To Form A New Habit?

Charles Duhigg gives many examples of individuals and companies like Pepsodent and Febreeze who identified the habits of consumers and sold more products in this part. He also gives a golden rule of habit change.


2.    Successful Organizations’ Habits:


Unlike the previous part, in this part, Charles Duhigg talks about how habits can have a positive or negative impact. He also supports his idea by providing examples of Alcoa, Michael Phelps, King’s Cross Station, Coffeehouse and Starbucks.


The ‘Keystone habits’ is the juice of this part. A keystone habit is a single habit that produces a positive chain effect.

You’re sure to love this part of the book if you are at any managerial position.


3.    Habits’ Impact on Society:


How and why social habits emerge? How are they created? How powerful can they be?

These are some of the things we discuss but never have been able to find a solution of.

Example of Bus Boycott, Rick Warren’s Saddleback Church and Angie Bachmann’s addiction to gambling, illustrates it well.

It’s terrific, and a must read part of the book.


The Power Of Habit Audiobook:


It’s always better to listen to a book if you find it hard to get time for reading. It saves time and helps in utilizing the time you waste here and there. You can get a free audiobook of it on Amazon by clicking here.


You can watch a detailed video summary of The Power Of Habit Below:



What do I think about The Power Of Habit?


Though it’s more of psychology and examples, the book is indeed a masterpiece explaining significant areas of habits. All the examples and suggestions are supported by real-life incidents and scientific researches. The best part of the book is on page no. 275 where Charles Duhigg has given the key to change any habit. I have tested the “Cue, Routine & Reward Technique,” it works for me with some initial push!  You must read The Power Of Habit if you want to understand your habits better or want to change them.


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