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What Are Rituals And How Can It Change Your Life?

How rituals can change your life?

If you go through the definition, Ritual is a religious or solemn ceremony consisting of a series of actions performed according to a prescribed order.

Let’s make it simple!

“Have you seen any priest in any ceremony assisting people to do several things?”

 In a wedding, they ask the bride and bridegroom to speak and perform certain tasks. In an auspicious ceremony, they tell to do certain tasks in a certain manner and in a sequence. Those all things are called rituals. All are done in a systematic way. You can’t skip or replace any.

Here, I’m not going to talk about marriage or the bridegroom. What we are interested in is ‘Rituals’. Rituals, which can change one’s life drastically.

How often do you feel that you have spent your day, but still there is something missing?

Life becomes dull once we grow up and get involved in doing the work and fulfilling the responsibilities. I remember, one year ago, while working, I would go to my job, spend more than half of my day there, would return, use the phone, watch T.V and would finally sleep to wake the next day to do the same. I didn’t realize how quickly the year was passing until one day I was checking my diary in which I had written a lot of resolutions and the things which I was going to accomplish. I had a lot of things which I wanted to do apart from my job, but I was so busily occupied in all these things that I found myself lost somewhere. How would have I taken out extra time to do it?

Isn’t it the case with many of us? Do you also decide to accomplish a certain goal, but do not stick to it?

So how to handle such a situation?

As reading plays an important role, I never left it, which in turn gave me the answer to my question; create ‘Rituals’.

How to create rituals?

You can create any ritual by including certain tasks which you want to do each and every single day. It can be even waking up, drinking a glass of water, doing 20 pushups and then taking a bath.

Just make a list of simple activities first and see if you can follow it every day.

What to include in rituals to get the benefit?

Physically, we all human beings are identical. We have one nose, one ear two hands, and two legs.  Yet, we all are so different when it comes to our inner self. We all are running a different race and have different goals and responsibilities too. Every night some of us sleep and forget our worries while sleeping while others are not that much blessed. When we wake up in the morning we start thinking about the problems and the day. This leads us towards a negative us. In fact, this shouldn’t be the way in which you start your day.

So, how should you start your day?

There can be many ways of it. I already gave you an example of it. Now, I will tell you my favourite one:


Let’s see what does S.A.V.E.R.S stands for:

‘S’ stands for ‘Silence’:

Often it happens that we wake up and the first thing which we do is to check our mobile phones or watch the news. But, we should avoid that as we have a very calm mind when we wake up. Checking phone or news in the morning instantly grabs our attention towards the distractions. Psychologists say that spending time in silence relieves stress and makes our brain work more effectively. As soon as you wake up you can spend some time getting fresh or spending some minutes with your plants or just by sitting for some minutes quietly. Remember not to think about the day or any other thing.

‘A’ stands for Affirmation:

We are what we think. If you think you can, you can! If you think you cannot, you cannot! Saying positive words to yourself can do miracles to you. So what’s an affirmation? Affirmations are positive words like ‘Mantras’ which if you keep on telling yourself brings positive results.

So how should you create one affirmation?

Decide below things to create your affirmation:

1.    What do you really want?

2.    Why do you want in it?

3.    Who are you committed to being to create it?

4.    What are you committed to doing to attain it?

5.    Add inspirational quotes and philosophies which inspires you in the last.

An ideal affirmation made by keeping the above the points in mind would look like-

“I want to become a businessman because it will give me a lot of wealth to fulfil my dreams of travelling and living a luxurious life. I am committed to being smart at management like Bill Gates. I will work 4 hours extra in a day on my plans every day to achieve it. I must do it as I can’t die poor.”

Believe it when you say so and you will feel some positive vibes coming. It may sound goofy, but it really works! So, keep on telling yourself positive words for it brings positive vibes.

‘V’ stands for Visualization:

Visualization means creating a picture or illustrations of your goal here. Taking the same example of you wanting to become a businessman. You need to visualize that you are already a businessman. You need to picturesque everything: Your office-how does that look like, what kind of people you are with, what do you wear, what do you eat, how much are you earning? All in all, you need to visualize everything you will have once you achieve this goal. Try to use more senses in it for it will make it more real to believe. Visualize, how does it smell? What do you hear? What do you speak?

The more you add to it, the more realistic it will seem.

Consider making a scrapbook with pictures of these things and see it every day.

‘E’ stands for exercise:

It is as much important to take care of your body as it is to take care of your thoughts. Exercise has many benefits, we all know that, but you may or may not be in the habit of exercising daily. This is the best thing to do once you wake up. It not only helps you in keeping yourself healthy but also in boosting your confidence when practiced with ‘Visualization’ and ‘Affirmation’.

You don’t need to hit the GYM for hours to get the benefits. Even stretching your body and doing some sets of pushups along with 5-10 minutes of meditation will also work.

‘R’ stands for reading:

Here, I am talking about self-help books, but you can read as per your preference. If you consider self-help genre, it’s incomplete without the self-help books. When you read, you discover many ideas which you can apply to your problems. Reading in the morning is one of the best activities you can think about doing. Spend at least 30 minutes on reading.

‘S’ stands for Scribing:

Scribing means to write. Any idea, what are you going to write? If you enjoy writing about any topic write about that, but here I am talking about your goals and the To-Do list. Affirmation and Visualization will not work until you take actions. And to be on the right track you need to plan conscientiously. List down the things which you need to do on a particular day on a piece of paper. If possible, consider a diary in which you write it every day.


I discussed what rituals are and how you can be benefitted by creating one. How helpful is the ritual S.A.V.E.R.S? Comment and share your thoughts.

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