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54 New Year Resolution Ideas To Make 2021 Awesome

 54 New Year Resolution Ideas for 2019 To Take Note Of

Welcome! So are you looking for the New Year Resolution Ideas for 2021?

Planning makes you well- organized and increases the chances of you to complete them.

Sometimes, we just wait for Mondays or the 1st day of a month to bring our plans to the action.

New Year is indeed a great time to bring these planning into action, and hence here I’m to walk you through some great New Year Resolution Ideas for 2021.

Positive Mood Jar: A mood jar is simply a regular jar in which you are going to put some chits based on your mood.  How does it work?

Decide your mood type which you usually have. For example Sad, Angry, Happy, Lazy.

Now, search for the best quotes and lines which will make you feel positive. You can use different colored paper to indicate these emotions and write suitable lines which will work on that mood.

Now, every day, based on your mood, take out a chit and enjoy being positive throughout the year.

Good Moments Jar: Like the positive mood jar, here also you need a pot. You can decorate it well and keep in your room.

Whenever you are filled with joy, just write that moment on a chit and slip it in the jar.

Open it next year and enjoy reading your memorable, beautiful moments.

Get Rid Of A Bad Habit: We all have bad habits. That’s nothing to be shameful of, but rather accept it and plan to change it in the upcoming year.

Learn A New Skill: With the growing population and technology, there is a lot of competition everywhere. The only thing which levels up your game in any profession is a skill. Moreover, learning a new skill, makes us feel satisfied and opens the door to new opportunities.

Do A Good Deed: If you can’t decide what your new year resolution ideas for 2020 can be, you can always think of this one. There is no greater satisfaction in anything than doing something good for someone.

Adopt A Quality From The Person You Hope To Be More Like: There are people whom we admire a lot. Sometimes, we envy them for some of their qualities. Why not pick up those qualities?

Visit A Place: Sometimes, it is good to go out and see the world as a free bird. It refreshes your mind, and you feel fully charged up!

Write A Letter: Gone are the days of letters, right? But, there is a different level of excitement when somebody writes a letter instead of text. You can write a letter to a friend whom you haven’t seen for a long time, your parents, or to your future self! It’s super exciting and is definitely worth a try.

Try A New Food: You can make a list of food items you want to try in the upcoming year and can have a yummitious year ahead.

Be Better At Something: Probably, you are good at something and want to take it further. Remember, practice makes a man perfect! So take it to the next level.

Do Meditation: There are a lot of benefits to it. You always wanted to include it in your habit, but there wasn’t’ time, right? Don’t worry, even five minutes of meditation will work. It can be one of the great ideas to include in New Year Resolution Ideas for 2020.

Pick Up A New Hobby: Especially, if you haven’t found your interest yet, you must try your hands on different things to know what interests you the most. Hobbies are a great stress reliever. Many successful people have hobbies.

Start Eating Healthier: Trying to lose or gain weight? Whatever the reason, a fit you will look more charming and confident.

Read Books: Books are a great source of knowledge especially, self-help books. We all have different taste when it comes to reading. Reading is to the mind what exercise is to the body, so plan to read some books in the upcoming year. Reading is a skill and if you want to sharpen it read(BLOG)

Count Your Gratefulness: Think of some things you are grateful for every day. It will make you happy throughout the day.

Stop Procrastinating: We slip on most of the things just because of procrastination. If you couldn’t stick to your current year’s resolution, procrastination is the obvious reason!

Spend More Time With Nature: It has many health benefits such as reducing the stress level. If you are in no routine to go on a jog or to visit a park, you can include it in your upcoming year’s resolution.

Become More Confident: Do the things which can make you more confident in the field you are in. Take challenges, learn and practice!

Learn Networking: You can get almost anywhere if you grow your circle. Like any skill, networking can also be learned and mastered.

Be More Conscientious: Become more aware of the things around.

Increase IQ: Who doesn’t’ want to become mentally sharp. Why not utilize the year to become one. You can check your IQ level here.

Become More Positive: Good and bad moments are the parts of our life. Whether you face the situation with a smile or a tear in your eye, you will have to go through the situation. Tears will make it harder for you to go through it and a smile will make it easier.

Strengthen Your Personal Relationships: The only people who stand by us every time get little to no time of ours. Spending time with people close to you, makes you feel secure, satisfied and happy.

Keep A Journal: It’s one of the very common yet a worthy resolution.

Do Volunteering: Do some free services to people and society. It doesn’t have to very big. It can be as small as teaching some children for free or being a part of an awareness campaign.

Start A Blog: Are you really good at something you can educate people about? Then, start a blog! You can learn to start a blog through videos and all the free materials available online!

Get In Shape: Being in shape might be another resolution which you want to commit to this year.

Earn More Money: There are lots of methods to earn some extra money today. You can watch videos on YouTube to learn more about it.

Have less stress: Stress makes our life miserable. The hard yet true fact is that almost everyone today has some kind of stress. While you can’t just eliminate it, you can always learn to reduce it and lead a happy life.

Get More Quality Sleep: Be it because of the job, studies or household chores, we often neglect our sleeping cycle. Unlike a machine, the human body needs proper sleep to rejuvenate and work efficiently. You might have noticed how frustrated and drained up you feel throughout the day when you sleep for fewer hours. On the other hand, you feel happy for no reason throughout the day when you have taken quality sleep. When this habit alone can have these many benefits, why not plan a sleeping time this year?

Become Self-reliant:  Many of us are in the habit of checking mobile phones once we wake up. With all these technologies around us, we have become so much reliant. Have you ever imagined how much time we would get if we could just reduce the time we spend on phone, T.V, and games? Learning to live without them can definitely boost your productivity.

Get A New Look: Why remain in the same look when we have got just one life and limited time to enjoy it? Get a new hairstyle, change the way you dress or behave. This way you will learn to live with changes and become more confident too.

Drink More Water: Our body has around 60% water and all the metabolic processes happen with the help of it. Drinking less water cause a lot of problems. There is a reason why many doctors advise to drink plenty of water. You might want to include this one to your new year resolution list. It will hardly require a lot of efforts.

Save Money: It’s true that money can’t be everything, but at the same time you’ll have to agree that money is required for everything. You never know when bad days knock your door. It’s better to be prepared than suffering. If you haven’t started doing savings yet, start doing it in your good days.

Get Out Of Debt: There isn’t a big pain than being in debt. It never lets you sleep calmly. New Year is a great time to start planning to pay your debt and be footloose.

Learn To Cook: While you can order food online or eat in an excellent restaurant, cooking has a different pleasure. If you learn it, you will not only save a lot of money on your food but also feel more gratified.

Get Regular Health Check-ups: If you get two choices: health or wealth, what would you choose? Health, right? There is no doubt that It’s your greatest wealth. If you are fit and fine, you can get the rest, but not health in exchange for any other thing. So get regular checkups and insurance.

Adopt A Pet: Were you always thinking of getting a pet? It requires proper care and attention. If you can give it both, go get a pet.

Become More Organized: If you do things when you get time and sometimes even forget to do some. You should better think about getting organized this year. While you are still young, it’s easy to master this life-long skill.

Re-invent Yourself: If you just don’t like the things in your life and just wish there was a ‘RESTART’ button, this is the time. It’s you who can change it. Plant exactly what you want to change and what will you do instead. If all seems well, start living the life you planned.

Advance In Your Career: It can be taking a course or talking to your seniors about what exactly you need to do to get a promotion. Once you know, go and grab the new opportunities.

Get Over An Ex: It’s not a wise idea to keep sticking to the same things.

However, better your relation was, it’s past now. Move on! There is a lot of things to experience apart from relationships. Follow No Contact rule and try re-inventing yourself.

Learn To Control Your Emotions: Not everyone has control over their emotions. You can make a better decision and look mature if you know how to do it.

Become Responsible: Take some extra responsibilities whether at work or at home and try to fulfil it. It’s one of the best ways to grow in life.

Learn More About Your Culture: Our ancestors were very much aware of the rituals, music and our arts. But if we see today, very few people know about their own culture and music. These are the things which we must be aware of so that we can take it forward to the next generation.

Spend Less Time On Social Media: Most of us use Instagram, Facebook, Snapchat, Twitter and other such applications. Have you ever thought: how much time does it waste? Once you unlock the phone, all these distractions take away your precious time. By saving this time, you can spend it on your dream or learning some skills.

Learn Self-Defense: With the increase in crime rate, you can’t be sure of not facing such critical situations. It’s better to be prepared than becoming a victim of something.

Become More Romantic: Some people have it naturally while others have to learn it. Whatever the case, you can always become more romantic and have a blissful relationship.

Remember Important Dates: Though Facebook reminds you of someone’s birthday, it’s not enough to remember all the important dates of your dear ones. How long will you forget these dates?  You can either write it down somewhere or set the alarm on a calendar. Whatever you choose, let’s not forget these dates in the upcoming year.

Become Creative: Learn to draw, do some origami, or try DIY projects. Creativity unlocks the door of solutions. Though it won’t be of much use, you will feel refreshed and satisfied if you bring it into practice.

Face Your Fear And Insecurities: Do you fear something or have some insecurities? Instead of running from them, let’s face them this year.

Stick To A Good Habit You Developed This Year: Oh! You already developed a good habit? Let’s commit to having it in the next year too.

Create Rituals: In case you don’t know what rituals are, you may want to read my article: What are rituals and how can it change your life?

Grow A Plant: Believe me! It’s one of the most beautiful things you will ever see in the morning. Plants have a very positive effect on our mood. So if you are looking for new year resolutions for 2020, this can be one of them.


Here I gave you 54 New Year Resolution Idea for 2020. Which one are you already working on? Let me know in the comment section below.

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