Mini Habits: Smaller Habits, Bigger Results!

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Mini habit is one of building block elements of self-development strategies.

No matter the aspect of life you want to improve in, the main thing when applying new ideas is consistency!

While thinking is more natural,  deciding is also easy, following a new routine for several days becomes harder and we lose the enthusiasm with which we began.

Mini Habits book has all the solutions!


What’s Inside Mini Habits Book?


Stephen Guise, the writer of the book ‘Mini Habits,’ presents us with a simple yet effective solution for forming a habit.

The whole concept of the book is to minify your smaller goals so that it can be completed with the drop of a hat.


It’s a fantastic book, doesn’t have many pages, and is to the point.

I recommend it to everyone who is into Self-development.


You can get this book by clicking Mini Habits.

Some Mini Habit Rules:

1. Never Cheat
2. Be Happy With All Progress
3. Reward Yourself Often, Especially After a Mini Habit
4. Stay Level-headed
5. Remind Yourself How Easy This Is
6. Never Think A Step Is Too Small


Below is a quick video summary of it:



I got this inspiration from the book: Mini Habits, smaller habits bigger results. You can check it out by clicking the below link:





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