A Quick Guide To Learning English as A second Language

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Learn English Speaking Easily Step By Step with this article. Before we begin, let me motivate you a bit!

Why Should You Learn English?

self help is right choice

1. English is the language of Internet & technology:

English is the language used everywhere. Almost everything written on the Internet is in English to attract more visitors. You will be able to get information easily on the internet if you know it.


2. English is an official language of many countries:

To make the exchange of information easier many countries prefer a common language i.e., English.


3. It’s spoken worldwide:

If you learn Chinese, you can have the conversation with Chinese only; If you learn Arabic, you can converse with the people who know Arabic, but if you know English, you will be able to hold the conversation with anyone anywhere in this world.


4. It’s really simple to learn:

Unlike Arabic & Japanese, English really has easy pronunciation & words. It can be learned easily if practiced.


5. Most of the popular T.V shows, movies and novels can be found in English:

To have more viewers, many movies and novels have their English versions which mean you don’t need to learn all the languages. Just learn English and there you go.


6. Employers prefer fluent English speakers:

You see most of the interviewers ask questions in English & they require somebody who can speak fluent English to understand clients’ need without taking the help of a translator.


7. It opens the door for many universities:

Teachers are being hired from different countries nowadays and even students go abroad for their studies. So to make learning effective, universities require a student proficient in English.


8. Traveling & visiting foreign countries become easier if you know English:

You don’t know all the languages in this world and the only language which people will understand everywhere is English. Well you can have a lot of fun while traveling if you know English. In fact, to apply for VISA it’s mandatory for an individual to be fluent in English.


9. You can learn science and culture:

All the thesis are in English when it comes to science. You can also learn about any culture through books and institutions if you know English.


10. It makes you feel confident and more expressive:

English is an expressive language as it has many words from other languages too. This makes English,  a powerful language for expressing oneself. Nothing gives you more confidence than the feeling that you can express anything with the correct word and people would understand you.


11. I want you to grow:

I want everyone to grow in their life by learning skills that’s why I created Mantavya. The only hindrance to our communication can be language as you all are from different countries. By helping you learn English, I will also be moving one step forward to achieving my goal.


How should you learn English?


How to learn English?

Probably, you already had this question in your mind & that’s why you were looking for it.

You must have heard people saying work on Vocabulary, start from grammar, watch movies, do this or do that, but where do you start?


Well, it’s not a tough question to find an answer to, even if you have already filled your mind with all those free pieces of advice.

I’ll walk  through a step-by-step guide of learning English.


So read it till the end!


Important:  English is a language,  so we don’t have to consider it as a subject like we did in school & college.

Every language has four parts:


  1. Reading:

As the name suggests, it includes all the written material out there. There is a lot of information in this world and one can learn almost anything if he knows to read English.


You must be pondering that you already know to read!

But as I say English is a language, a skill & so is reading. Knowing just how to read isn’t enough, you need to have a pace and you must also be able to understand the ideas written in the text.


No matter how much you think yourself better at reading, you still need to work on it for learning English. I’ll tell you why? As a non-native speaker when we try to understand something from the English text, we tend to translate it into our mother’s tongue.

And here is the mistake which never allowed us to get better in English.


When somebody speaks, you don’t have time to translate that and then respond. You just have to respond at the moment in English.


Same applies here too, when you read something, try to imagine the words in English only & never translate it!


To get better at this, read as much as possible.

Read story books of children or a novel which you can understand a bit. But remember not to translate it into your mother’s tongue.


Learn English


Initially, it will be difficult, but soon you will be comfortable with it.


Somes websites for improving Reading skills:





  1. Listening:


It’s almost impossible to have a good conversation if you aren’t able to understand what others are speaking in front of you.


And here comes the listening part which not only helps you in understanding someone but also in learning new vocabulary and sentences.


I am not telling you to be a dumb guy around who ends up just listening to the whole conversation.

But yes, you need to understand what others say first before you respond.


How can you improve your listening abilities ?


Everybody likes to watch soap operas and movies!

Now, you have a good reason to watch it more when your family taunts you for watching TV.


Yes, watching it will help!


But you need to watch them only in English &  remember not to translate, but imagine.


10 Free Audiobooks With Good Audio Quality

The other tip, I have for you is to develop a habit of listening to English content as much as possible. Try watching a movie in English with subtitles, a cartoon you like, English videos on YouTube or start watching a soap opera like Game of Thrones, Seinfeld, Designated Survivor etc.


Somes websites for improving listening skills:






  1. Writing:


Many people almost forget about it, but it’s your vital tool.

You may be learning many words and sentences, but what’s the use of it if you forget it, misspell it, or can’t frame it in a grammatically correct sentence.


Writing not only helps you in remembering words, but also helps you in boosting your confidence when you would be speaking those sentences.


So how do you improve it?

You need to literally write in order to improve on this strand.


Learn English

Search out for topics on the internet and use all the vocabulary you have learned through reading and listening.

You can also try writing a diary or your own story.


Some websites to improve writing skills:





4. Speaking:


Uff! You have been following all, but still, you feel somewhere you are lacking??


That’s speaking!

Speaking also includes pronunciation and sounds.


You need to speak any language in order to become fluent.


No shortcuts!


The more you practice the more confident you become!


Here you may face problem, especially if you don’t have the environment to speak English!


And, if you don’t have it, don’t worry you can create it!


Find someone who is also as interested as you are in learning English and have a rule of speaking only in English with each other.

Learn English

Some websites for improving speaking skills:





Nowadays, many apps are available for learning pronunciation of words. Just download a dictionary for pronunciation. I recommend Merriam Webster.


Surround yourself with such people who love speaking English and remember sky is the limit!


Anyone who fails to work on any one part out of four mentioned above, can’t be fluent and would struggle with his/her English. So, to be a better speaker, one must start focusing on all these four strands.


Let’s sow the seeds for success, and learn a proper way of focusing on all the strands according to your level.


How To Learn English Step by Step For Free?



If you have just started getting familiar with this language with no vocabulary and understanding, you are a beginner. You need to focus on:



As you don’t know basic words in English, start by doing what you like: watch cartoons, play games, try reading a storybook for 4-6 years old children.

Make a list of all the words you learn every day and start using it when next time you are about to use it in your mother’s tongue.

For example, if you see a chair, speak in English, “Chair.”

Try this until you become familiar with the daily used words.


The website for improving vocabulary:





You know the words, but is it hard for you to form the correct sentences?

If so, you are at intermediate level.


You need to focus on:


As hard as it may sound by the mouth of people who told you about Noun, Pronoun, Adverbs and all, it isn’t that hard.


The best tip, I can give you is to start reading more pages of your novel, watch more cartoons & soap operas in English.


Also, keep on writing your diary or about a topic by using the sentences and words which you learn from all the other resources.


Imagine every single thing which comes to mind in English.


Find a person who is also as interested in learning English as you are & start correcting each other’s mistake while interacting.


You need to now speak in the full sentence whenever you see something.

For example: “There is a chair.”


If you face any doubt just google it & keep on updating yourself.




You know words, can use them in a grammatically correct sentences, but still don’t sound natural?

Here you are at the beginning of the advanced level.


You need to focus on:

Pronunciation & Sounds:

Try watching some videos on YouTube for accent and pronunciation.

You can also try a dictionary for learning it.

Now, as you are good at most of the strands, learn some slangs from the internet.


Read more novels and talk as much as possible with people in English.

Try writing about some topics in 300-400 words.


Think about situations and incidents in English in your mind, so that you would be better able to tell them to others later.

Also, try recording yourself and listening to your English. Finally, take some online tests.


I hope this solves your query for how to learn English step by step for free!

Did I miss something or do you have any question? Please let me know in the comment section below.

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