How to be determined and motivated every time?

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self help is motivatingHi reader!

I am answering this question as I can relate to it.

For years, I had been watching motivational videos, reading inspirational books and articles. It would fuel me up every time with a lot of energy.

When you watch or read such content, it enthralls you! It burns a fire inside you. You feel like this is it. This is motivating! I am also going to do something.

But this energy fades away too soon, and you come back to your usual self, right?

Let’s see how to overcome it.


You don’t need someone to motivate you:


“A real motivation needs to come from the inside!” You must have definitely read or heard this phrase at least one time in your life.

But, here is what it means.

Motivation is of two type: external and internal. An external one comes and goes very quickly; however, the one which comes from inside does stay and brings fruitful results.


How will the internal motivation come?

Let me tell you one thing, “It’s not easy to get internal motivation!” But, if you do what’s said in this article, you will definitely be able to get some real kick.

Taste the failure if you really want an internal motivation.

taste the failure

“Failure is simply the opportunity to begin again, this time more intelligently.”

– Henry Ford


It will come only when you will have goals and your burning desire to accomplish your goals anyhow, no matter what.


How to have that burning desire?


Take a day or two to think over it. If possible take leave from your school/college or work for these two days. And find answers to the below questions:


  • Why am I living? Am I ok with being at the same place for the rest of my life?
  • If I die, how will I want myself to be remembered as a no one or someone?


Also, pick one real incident of your life, when you felt terrible. For example: When you couldn’t do well at your workplace/school, your breakup or any other situation. Taking this question in mind, now, answer the below question:

Why did that happen? What can you do to handle that same situation if it happens to come again in front of you?


  • Who should you become to overcome those obstacles?
  • If you get the answer to these questions, then think how that someone would look like? Are you doing something to become that?
  • What will it take to become that? How should you be preparing to reach there?


Once you are ready, write it on a piece of paper.

Afterward, take four separate sheets and write the below headings on them:


  • Sheet 1: Life Goals
  • Sheet 2: Yearly Goal
  • Sheet 3: Monthly Goal
  • Sheet 4: Weekly Goal

Deciding Goals

As the name represents, you need to write all those things you want to do in life and mention it point by point on the Sheet 1. You also need to give a deadline for your goals.

For example, if you are going to buy a House in the next ten years, mention it in front of your goal- Deadline 8th July 2028.

Now, break those big goals you want to achieve in your life into smaller milestones.

Analyze how much or what efforts will you have to put this year so that in the next ten years you will be able to accomplish your goal. You need to mention these on Sheet 2. The deadline to complete all that you have written on it will be one year.

Then, break these yearly goals into small monthly goals. How much will you have to contribute in one month at least so that you will be able to meet your annual deadline? Mention all these on Sheet 3.

The deadline to complete these task will be one month.

Likewise, do it for Sheet 4 too.

Once you have it, try to break your weekly goals into days and follow it every day.

work for it



Watching motivating content is essential, but don’t spend more than 30 minutes on it daily. Review your daily, weekly, monthly and yearly goals on a regular basis. Tick what you accomplish and cross what you don’t. Always re-plan your routine if you aren’t able to meet your targets.

Also, create rituals as it will help you in staying motivated and accomplishing your goals without wasting your time.

Give me a comment, telling if I missed something or you liked/disliked something below.

Happy Learning!

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