How To Read A Book Effectively : Secret Tips

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How to read a bookTextbooks, letters, banners, hoardings, newspapers, Facebook and Whats App- they all have something in common. “That’s text!”  You and I read a lot of content everyday knowingly and unknowingly.

Reading has many benefits. Whether in relaxing mind or enhancing one’s knowledge, reading plays a vital role. It is easy for anyone who knows to read letters of a language, but what’s difficult is to comprehend what you have read and to be able to remember it.

I remember my school days when during exams, I would rote-write each and everything just to write in exams and would forget it after some time. Something which is very amusing is the fact that the syllabus which we couldn’t complete in the whole year, would finish so quickly in the last two days of the exam!

Well, gone are those days and the practice of rote learning. Now, we don’t want to read to write in just exams. We want to read some good content and make sure that we absorb the gist of it. But how do you do that?


Recall the first time you tried to learn cycling.

“Was that easy?”

“Were you able to balance in the first attempt?”

Well! I couldn’t, honestly!

I remember, I fell down a lot of times, got some bruises too. It took me some days to do practice, but gradually I improved. And now even without practice, I can do that easily.

Same goes for any skill.  You name it. Swimming, Dancing, Singing- they all require practice.

Similarly, reading is a skill which requires practice and time.

You will say” Somesh, I have been practicing reading since childhood. I read something every day. What do you mean by practice?”

Well, my answer to that would be,” Look! You may have been doing it, but not in the right way.”

What’s the right way then?

“In order to know what the right way is, we need to know what the wrong way is.”

I’m going to take you through it step by step, so read it patiently. In the last, I’m also going to share some secret tips which will make you a super reader.


wrong way of reading

  • You try to read a book just for the sake of reading and not for understanding. There are times when you find no interest in a particular book, but you just read it as you have to. See it just doesn’t work because your interest is really important in the topic which you are reading. Without interest, it becomes like a tomorrow’s exam for which you haven’t prepared.
  • You try to read in a noisy/disturbing environment.
  • You are mentally exhausted, but you want to finish the text.
  • You aren’t making notes from the text.


I am sharing some wonderful tips which will help you to become good at reading.


  1. Be Choosy:

We all love to choose what to wear, what to eat, where to go, where to stay. So, why not choose the book which we are interested in. Look! People will tell you about the books which they like, but remember, “Our choices can’t be similar.” What your friend enjoys reading, you may not. You have a different taste, you want to learn the things which you want not what the other person wants. So, always do research first, before going for a particular book.

  1. Genre Plays An Important Role:

We all like to read about different things: Fiction & Non-Fiction.

Fiction books- where you will find stories and events. These are very appealing to many readers, In fact, more than half of the readers on this planet are fans of Fictional books.

Non-Fictional books are those books which will provide you with knowledge & wisdom. I personally prefer these books as these can be used for self-improvement.

  1. Three important Pages before you begin

Most of us are in habit of school days where we used to read the lesson and learn question & answer. Unlike starting like that, you must start with the-

(i) Front Page and see what you can predict about the book:

Read Title, see pictures and if possible search about the author.

(ii) Back Cover Page:

This is the page which will tell you all in all what your book is all about. So that you may always decide whether you want to read this book or not.

(iii) Index:

It’s as important as the overall book is. You may never know what is on which page if ‘Index’ is not there. It also summarizes the book in the form of topics. Go through it and see what you are interested in. Highlight every topic you are interested in reading (In case of Non-Fictional Books).

  1. Time is important:

I remember when I was new to reading, I would buy a lot of books, making a pile of them, but always struggled in reading them, procrastinating to read it after some time. You know what?  That time never came until I changed something.

It may be the case for you too. What I did was, I made a decision of reading at least 5 pages before going to bed every day, no matter what!

Deciding a time to read is really important. Find a time when you can include reading: it may be while traveling in metro or before going to bed. It may also be after waking up or when you are waiting for something. Basically, you end up reading at least 2-3 pages every single time which once you used to waste just by doing nothing.

And the little trick which I used when I committed to reading 5 pages every day was building a habit. It’s not about reading the certain number of pages, but it’s about building the habit. Reading 5 pages hardly requires 10-15 minutes and the fact is, when you are in flow, you end up reading more than 5 pages.

So now you are ready to be good at reading.

Dear readers, I have something more for you. As you read so far, I’m giving you some secret tips to become a super reader which I also use.


Some tips which will make you a super reader:


  • Never stress yourself to read the book which you don’t find interest in. There are plenty of books out there and not all will interest you. So, it’s better to try your hands on as many books as you can to find your interest.
  • Try to read at a certain time every day. It not only builds your habit but also boosts your curiosity level in reading. It’s like eagerly waiting for the next part of your favorite movie for which you can’t resist yourself.
  • Have a pencil in your hand to highlight the lines you like and write your own thoughts in the marginalia.
  • Take a pause in every 45-50 minutes to grab the content. It will help you in reading for long hours.
  • Move with the text; use your pencil to guide your eyes to the line you are reading. Many experts believe that this helps in increasing the pace of reading.


A New Approach to Reading:

Digital Books:

PDF Book

We all love reading books, but the real pain is carrying the heavy loads of books while traveling. With the technology which we are having nowadays, it’s really easy to solve that problem.

You can download PDFs and read on your phone. There are many apps which helps you in viewing the PDFs in a convenient reader.

Or you may also go with products like Kindle which has a screen like paper. It gives less strain to your eyes and you can enjoy features like selecting the word and finding it’s meaning on the spot. You can carry a thousand books in it without feeling the weight.

Check out the link to get some exciting offers on Kindle-



With your hectic life schedule, if you don’t find much time to read, then there is another solution to this problem. You may use the time you spend doing nothing in reading books. The time when you travel, the time when you wait in a queue, the time when you are just sitting and don’t have any other things to do.
This all is possible with audiobooks. Audiobooks are the books which are recorded in the form of audios by trained speakers. This is like having someone reading the book for you. It’s truly amazing! You must try it once.
It not only saves time but also helps you in finishing a book faster. I am giving you the link by which you will get any two audiobooks for free.



I hope you enjoyed reading this article. Reading is a skill which can be mastered with practice. I talked about the wrong and right ways of reading a book & have shared some tips to become a super reader.Please share your valuable comments and tell me if you would like to add any point which I missed.



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