Free Audiobooks With Good Voice Quality

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If you are here, you probably are already interested in reading books. You also know that reading books help us in many ways.

There is no doubt in the fact that self-help books are an excellent source for personal development.

Often when I finish reading a book, I feel like reading more and more such books. But with our busy life schedule, we can’t put all the time on just reading, right?

However, it can never stop a knowledge seeker from learning. As I have already mentioned in one of the previous articles on “How to read a book effectively?’, we can utilise our time while travelling, waiting and in all the situations where we can’t read a book by listening to audiobooks.


What is Audiobook?

10 Free Audiobooks With Good Audio Quality

An audiobook is the recording of a book with the help of a vocal artist. It’s a great time saviour, reduces reading time, helps in finishing a book faster and makes you a good listener too.

An audiobook is a great source for self help; however these are little expensive than any other form of the book.

Though you can get a free audiobook by audible as a trial, you might not have that kind of money to spend for membership, or you probably aren’t sure whether the audible subscription is right for you or not.

Don’t worry, until you decide that, here I’m providing you a medium to some free quality audiobooks!


Free Audiobooks With Good Audio Quality


I remember myself searching for free audiobooks two years ago, but all that I had found was LibriVox and Loyalbooks as genuine. But the problem was that you won’t find the good audio quality every time.

That means searching every nook and cranny!

Don’t worry! You don’t have to do that kind of research like I did before you could try a good audiobook.


Here are the top 6 free audiobooks with good audio quality:


1.      Rich Dad Poor Dad Free Audiobook

A great book written by Robert Kiyosaki on managing your money. Listen to this free audiobook by clicking below:



2.      The Richest Man In Babylon Free Audiobook

A wonderful book on investing your money by George Samuel Clason. Listen to this free audiobook by clicking below:



3.      Zero To One Free Adudiobook

A great book on startup written by Blake Masters and Peter Thiel. Listen to the audiobook by clicking below:




4.      Think And Grow Rich Free Audiobook

This is one of the best books which almost everyone will recommend you. It has a lot of wisdom! Listen  to this free audiobook by clicking below:



5.      The Magic Of Thinking Big Free Audiobook

This book teaches  how simply by modifying the way we think can lead us to bigger successes in life. Listen to the free audiobook below:



6.      The Art Of War Free Audiobook

Though it was actually written by keeping war strategies in mind, Sun Tzu’s principles are still useful in today’s world. Listen to this free audiobook below:



How To Make The Best Out Of It?

Though these are audiobooks, it might drain your battery if you keep the screen ON every time while listening. For this, you can download Mozilla FireFox on your phone and then play it. Mozilla lets you play it even when the screen is OFF.

Bookmark this page, so that you can find it easily whenever you want to listen to your audiobook.

I hope these  free audiobooks with good quality adds some value in your life.

Do let me know about your favourite self-help book in the comment section below.

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